Starfield players want improvements on "half-baked" bounty system

Starfield players want improvements on “half-baked” bounty system

Starfield players want improvements on "half-baked" bounty system

Starfield players want improvements on “half-baked” bounty system

Many consider Starfield was one of the Xbox console exclusive games that players had been eagerly awaiting. While it’s not perfect it provides a distinctive feeling of exploration and immersion that Bethesda players know and love.

Starfield was launched in September, Starfield launched in the month of September, Starfieldwas nearly 20 years in development (according according to Bethesda) and let gamers to live an intergalactic adventure through the universe and discovering amazing and fascinating secrets can be discovered.

Similar to the usual RPGs of Bethesda the players could spend hours playing Starfieldand as per to “How Long To Beat’ it is possible to spend up to 150 hours playing this science-fiction RPG through to its completion. There is no doubt that a substantial portion of time you spend in Starfield is going to be focused on its primary missions and will offer many memorable experiences, but there are those who believe that its extra activities are more memorable than any other.

In the days before its release the concept of becoming an bounty hunter seemed attractive, chasing down evil individuals, earning some credit and earning a reputation for being feared by letting NPCs be aware that you’re not to be messed with. But, it’s apparent there are some Starfieldfans don’t seem to be content with the “half-baked” bounty system.

“How did Bethesda f**k up something as simple as bounty hunting?” was the question asked by Redditor StranglePants who started the conversation on the thread. The discussion has garnered nearly 1.6K votes. The Redditor had hoped for the system of bounty could be similar that of Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption series however that does not appear to be the situation. This post is in spoilerterritory and so do some of the comments and should be considered as an explicit spoiler alert.

People are irritated that they are merely engaged in a hunt-and-shoot game. Criminals can’t be transported back to the place they belong. “The fact that your ship can even have a brig in it to house prisoners and can’t be used at all shows how lazy they are,” One user. Another added, “I agree the bounty hunt on this game is ridiculous. We shouldn’t have brigs in the ships of our choice if we aren’t able to make use of these. It’s just another thing which was rushed in order in order to finish the game.”

I hope that this issue is one the developers can address in the future. In our evaluation of Starfield the game, we stated: “The journey you embark on will amaze you and I’m sure that gamers will be hooked throughout the months and possibly many years. It’s a place to play in which you are able to be whatever you’d like to be. It is hard to forget over Starfield in particular and the amazing stories it contains.”

Starfield players want improvements on “half-baked” bounty system
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