Starfield's player is 10th in new Game Plus

Starfield’s player is 10th in new Game Plus, and the result is crazy

Starfield's player is 10th in new Game Plus

Starfield’s player is 10th in new Game Plus, and the result is crazy

Whatever you think of Starfield and the game continues to provide plenty of entertaining and terrifying content, despite its rapid slide off of the pedestal that it was on before its debut. Space-related stories of the moment originate from a user who, in the 10th anniversary of New Game Plus, has had some really wild outcomes.

Although it’s not as frightening than watching the unimaginable cosmic terror take over the area you’re currently in, however, it certainly gives a fresh dimension to the fun that many weren’t aware of. Additionally, it’s much better as opposed to having to confront the nature of space and time.

The person who revealed their findings to the entire world has completed their tenth Starfield The player is on their 10th Starfieldplaythrough by using New Game Plus, but instead of receiving some extra advantages that made the game more enjoyable, the player was left with a non-existent character as well as an overpowered Phased Time capability, which makes the game extremely slow. This is useful if you wish to steal something or get past a bunch of foes but it’s a bit inconvenient you’re just trying to make it through every day life on the planet.

One Redditor commented that the character of the user had been through an “Fantastic Four-like event” and at the amusement by the OP. We’ve all heard the fact that Starfield’s New Game Plus produces interesting outcomes which reflect the game’s multiversal nature. There are versions where Constellation is evil. In other versions, it’s comprised completely of kids. One player met corrupt mature Cora Coe. This is a great feature by Bethesda.

Evidently, it appears that the Phased Time issue is more than a glitch – and it’s “really common”, with numerous other users needing the need to “button mash” their way towards liberation. While it’s fun to watch people moving as if they’re traversing through treacle, if you’re holding the remote, the excitement is quickly slowed down, and then which is followed by frustration as well as outrage.

Perhaps it’s the fascination with glitches that have Stranger Things actor David Harbour so invested in Starfield …? In the end, after revealing the fact that he’s using the character of his Bethesda account to gain “infinite money and steal things” Invisibility, an invisibility glitch and Phased Time glitch would make it a breeze. And then, the objects disappear!

Starfield’s player is 10th in new Game Plus, and the result is crazy
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