New-gen Fallout 4 patch receives disappointing patch
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New-gen Fallout 4 patch receives disappointing patch

New-gen Fallout 4 patch receives disappointing patch

New-gen Fallout 4 patch receives disappointing patch


Although Bethesda promised of Fallout 4 players an update for the next generation back in October of 2022 It’s been more than an entire year, and there’s not a single sign of a new version of the famous RPG. The developers have released a few details on the status of the update.

The month of October last year saw Bethesda announce about the action adventure game Fallout 4would receive a brand new updated and enhanced version sometime around 2023. With the date of completion of 2023 nearing and the deadline approaching, it appears that the studio got lost in. As the studio works on its most recent project that is a Space RPG Starfield, it’s possible that this is to be expected. However, fans remain hopeful to hear from the company regarding an explanation.

One ex- Bethesda executive has provided information about how to find out where there is a unreleased fallout 4update can be found. Pete Hines who worked on the majority of Bethesda games over the last 20 years made an announcement of his retirement date at the end of October. In spite of his retirement from Bethesda He was able to provide clarity regarding Fallout 4.

“I did try getting an update before I left,” Hines said. “Nothing concrete enough I could share.” While it doesn’t tell us all that much, it will tell us something we were afraid of and that we’re not likely to receive an update to the fallout 4 new generation patch any time soon.

The next generation update will include a variety of improvements in performance made to Fallout 4,including the resolution of 4K, as well as higher frames per second and improved visuals. But, with Bethesda keeping a tight-lipped approach to its announcement, we’ll have to be patient and hope that it is released on time.

In the meantime, some players have begun to imagine a new version of the Fallout series in cities like London and London, which will be a huge change from the arid deserts of the Mojave Desert. If you’re not getting enough Fallout 4one mod lets you include new quests of 24 levels in the game.

New-gen Fallout 4 patch receives disappointing patch
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