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Xbox player loses 15 years of purchases and progress

Xbox player loses 15 years of purchases and progress

Xbox player loses 15 years of purchases and progress


A recent tragedy rocked one Xbox player when their account had been compromised and therefore locked, leading to the loss of fifteen years’ worth of purchases and progress on Xbox.

Gaming can be both a costly and time-consuming hobby; thus making long-term accounts invaluable. Unfortunately, as Internet security becomes easier to bypass, these accounts no longer feel safe, something which one Reddit user recently experienced first-hand when one Xbox gamer posted to r/xbox about having seen their account terminated by Microsoft following being compromised.

“For 24 hours now I have been gathering information about my account – searching through emails dating back 13 years in order to gather facts for Microsoft that will aid in its recovery efforts,” they reported. “I just spent 40 minutes on the phone with support asking to speak with someone with authority over reclaiming my account.

After providing card numbers, transaction history, and the date my account had become compromised, Xbox Support decided to permanently suspend my account due to unauthorised access and would no longer offer account transfers as possible solutions. They claimed: “Someone out there could help but won’t hear my 12-year-old self who created and shared so many memories on her account with friends and now-deceased family members over that time period.

As one would expect, this shocking development quickly led other Reddit users to fear for their accounts. “[Microsoft’s] plan of allowing digital purchases sets an extremely dangerous precedent and tells me I could lose access to all my games at any moment due to malicious actors,” one comment read.

Xbox player loses 15 years of purchases and progress
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