Hogwarts Legacy fans call awards snub an "injustice"

Hogwarts Legacy fans call awards snub an “injustice”

Hogwarts Legacy fans call awards snub an "injustice"

Hogwarts Legacy fans call awards snub an “injustice”

When Hogwarts Legacy was released earlier in 2023, it quickly established itself as one of the contenders for Game of the Year 2023 – but then 2023 happened!

One of the premier video game award ceremonies, hosted by Geoff Keighley – Hideo Kojima’s best friend – has long been celebrated: the Game Awards hosted by Geoff Keighley has grown immensely over time due to Geoff Keighley’s tireless effort in elevating its value, becoming not just for awards but highly anticipated announcements too.

Recently all nominees for The Game Awards 2023 were revealed with Baldur’s Gate 3 and Alan Wake 2 dominating nominations respectively while there has always been controversy – such as when Starfield wasn’t considered for major prize this time round either; an outcome never surprises any fans as much as it might surprise others who care more deeply for what happens at most award ceremonies – especially since most major award ceremonies always creates controversy at some level or another, such as Starfield not receiving its due place among some fan bases who expect it!

Hogwarts Legacy’s absence from Game of the Year voting caused widespread outrage within some parts of the video gaming community and some fans became so outraged they launched into an angry livestream on Twitch, according to Comicbook.com players are struggling with what has been called an injustice by being denied this accolade and feel entitled for Game of the Year themselves instead of receiving this distinction for Hogwarts Legacy.

PeterOvo lamented on Twitter, “Hogwarts Legacy did not receive one nomination at The Game Awards 2023 – this is both tragic and unfair!” “Hogwarts Legacy deserves better!” he wrote in response. “This is indeed unfortunate.”

“I was completely taken aback when Hogwarts Legacy wasn’t even mentioned at The Game Awards 2023!” stated NikTek. “Not only is the game visually striking in every regard; its RPG elements make for one of the finest Harry Potter experiences!”

“Look, I understand the association issues surrounding IP. Truly,” tweeted Porshapwr. “However, it remains regrettable that Hogwarts Legacy — developed by hundreds of devs who also understand these challenges — has gone completely ignored by awards season despite being amongst one of the year’s finest games.” “Hogwarts Legacy is an outstanding action RPG designed specifically to appeal to Wizarding World fans – with an engaging story, stunning visuals and incredible music all making for an absorbing action RPG experience!

Unfortunately though with its early release I think this amazing action RPG may have simply got lost among all its competition compared with all its contemporaries — something which should never happens again!” wrote Porshapwr in response.

Hogwarts Legacy fans call awards snub an “injustice”
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