Berserk Beginner’s Guide: Everything you Need to Know

Berserk Beginner’s Guide: Everything you Need to Know

Berserk Beginner’s Guide: Everything you Need to Know

Berserk Beginner’s Guide: Everything you Need to Know

Few can match Berserk’s record for prolific anime.

Berserk is a story about Guts, a single swordsman and mercenary. Kento Miura created it. Guts are defeated in battle by Griffith, an elegant warrior who he reluctantly meets and joins his Band of the Hawk. This begins a complicated, sinister, and sometimes brutal tale of betrayal, bloodshed, etc.

Berserk is a well-known manga series known for its intricate art and was a significant inspiration for Soulsborne’s games. It ran for more than 30 years and was adapted into three anime series and three movies. Unfortunately, Miura died in March 2021. However, the series will continue after an uncertain period. Miura’s profound legacy lives on in the hearts of those who have been touched by it or its inspiration.

Berserk’s complexity and profound influence can make it easy for newcomers to feel overwhelmed. This is why we created this Berserk beginner’s guide.

What is Berserk all about?

Berserk is inspired by the lonely, tragic life of Guts. Guts, a warrior born from a hanging corpse, began his journeys as a mercenary before becoming a murderer. Griffith defeats Guts, and he helps Griffith win a war for the medieval empire. However, Griffith’s ambitions for power grow, and the two are at odds.

Their friendship becomes bitter, and they become enemies. Then, mysterious and sinister dark forces rally around them. As Guts is cryptically warned by a demonic face and a skeletal warrior, Griffith becomes obsessed with his desires. Events set in motion will forever change the world.

As the story continues, it evolves beyond its original setting and plot. Many characters are introduced and removed. Many of them are brutally killed during the “Eclipse,” a crucial moment that reflects the dark tone of this series and Miura’s storytelling style.

Who created Berserk?

Kento created Berserk. He was just 18 when he designed Guts’ character. Berserk was not created until 1989, a few years after the original Guts character. Miura was inspired to create a character “burning for vengeance” in a dark, cruel world by Mad Max. Clive Barker’s Hellraiser series and Fist of Northstar inspired the work.

Miura became one of the most loved mangakas, being praised for his intricate artwork. His relentless pursuit of perfection and insatiable desire to be perfect eventually led to his death at 54.

Who are the main characters?

The essential character in Berserk, Guts, is prominent. Guts live alone, letting his fury out on the world every time he fights. Guts eventually find a better purpose in life after joining a mercenary organization and falling in love. However, the tragedy that ensues leaves him more devastated than ever.

Casca, the only female member of the mercenary group, initially dislikes Guts for being their favorite Griffith. Their rivalry eventually turns into a romance, but external factors mean their relationship will be fraught with heartbreak and pain.

Griffith, an elegant white-haired warrior with a different look than Guts, is now in the mix. After defeating Guts in combat, he leads a mercenary group and forces Guts into joining him. They form mutual respect and friendship that lasts, despite their inevitable descent into bitter enemies.


Berserk Watching Locations

The highly acclaimed anime Berserk is not available on any streaming service, such as Crunchyroll or Funimation. You can watch it online, but it will be accompanied by intrusive ads. The series can also be ordered in physical format via Amazon.

You can also watch the Golden Age trilogy Berserk movies. These retell the 1997 arc of the story, which prepares you for the new Berserk seasons. Be aware that the anime series following is highly criticized because of its digital animation style, although it faithfully retells the story.

These criticisms led to the anime being canceled after only two seasons. This sets up the next story arcs for Guts’ story. Guts begin to find redemption as his bloody quest for revenge continues.

Berserk Beginner’s Guide: Everything you Need to Know
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