Skyrim Mod Makes Tamriel Suitable For Vegans

Skyrim Mod Makes Tamriel Suitable For Vegans

Skyrim Mod Makes Tamriel Suitable For Vegans

Skyrim Mod Makes Tamriel Suitable For Vegans

While Skyrim is a place where people get lots of fresh air and walk a lot, have you ever thought that men and women could benefit from some culinary changes?

Even though eating red meat and feasting until your stomach is full may be the norm in mead halls all over the country, there are ways to improve your athletic abilities and make the world a better place.

Princessmely’s Plant-Based Skyrim mod is the one in question. Your Facebook friends are likely already complaining about it.

Skyrim Mod Makes Tamriel Suitable For Vegans

The mod’s description states that it aims to make Skyrim less “barbaric” by changing aspects of Skyrim’s culture and substituting meaty dishes with plant-based options.

This will obviously affect the way your character eats, but it won’t mean they will have to eat differently. However, nutritional yeast and flaxseed oils will help ensure that your muscles remain strong and healthy.

Your armor, even though it is made of plant fiber fabric, will not offer less protection.

The mod will also make sure that the decor that you see as you travel through the province is not depressing. For example, you won’t find any animal carcasses, taxidermied or otherwise, replaced by something more pleasing.

This means that you will no longer be able to purchase mounted elk antlers or bear hide rugs for your home. A trip to Ikea may be necessary.

This mod is also very lore-friendly. Its description says: “Oblivion had Flaxseed harvested from flowers. Because Elder Scrolls lore has bread, yeast must be present. Megafauna that are herbivorous can also be found in the Skyrim tundra. So why not humans?

Even the specialized diets of different races can be taken into consideration, with specific recommendations for Wood Elves or Argonians.

Get ready to live a more horticultural lifestyle. Install now and follow us for updates on the Elder Scrolls 6, and the bizarre world of Skyrim modding.

Skyrim Mod Makes Tamriel Suitable For Vegans
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