GTA Online's Griefer War Is an Amphibious Controversy

GTA Online’s Griefer War Is an Amphibious Controversy

GTA Online's Griefer War Is an Amphibious Controversy

GTA Online’s Griefer War Is an Amphibious Controversy

GTA Online has been the scene of a fierce war between hardworking grinds who lust after the money has led to them spending thousands of hours on the game’s businesses, heists, and the evil griefers who love killing them.

Key battles were fought throughout the conflict. Many of these saw the grifters win thanks to the power and influence of the Oppressor Mark 2.

It seems, however, that even though many who have been oppressed by flying motorcycles and their missiles for so long now have a vehicle that can be a more deadly equalizer when used well, it’s not all plain sailing.

GTA Online Player’s Use Of Toreador Against Griefers Sparks Suspicion

Norcal_Stang posted a picture of their Pegassi Toreador to the GTA Online subreddit. It was a car that was added by the Cayo Perico Heist update. This update has many tricks and said: “In three hours of playing, I destroyed 14 oppressor grievers. Rockstar, thank you for not giving the Toreador an icon on the map!

EnglishMuffin420, another user, also expressed their love for this vehicle. Danwallbeats said: “I have underrated the toreador for quite some time.”

However, some users were suspicious that Norcal_Stang’s rapid accumulation of kills might indicate that they were the ones causing the most grief.

OlFattyLumpkin, the user, asserted that this was true. He said: “I don’t mean to sound like an idiot because there’s probably more information here but…this 100% makes it sound like the griever.” Norcal_Stang responded: “I should clarify by saying that they were grieving the majority in the lobby when I went after the them.”

Responding to user i_lyke_turtlez’s similar accusation, they went on to say: “I’m talking of staring at my map and seeing notifications from the same guys oppressors killing low-level new (players)”. If they kill them three times, then I (enable ghost organization) go after them.

User x_EEVEELUTIONS_x responded to the original post, suggesting that a unique icon for the Toreador may have been originally planned but did not make it into the final release.

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GTA Online’s Griefer War Is an Amphibious Controversy
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