King of Fighters 15 - Chris Move List and Guide

King of Fighters 15 – Chris Move List and Guide

King of Fighters 15 - Chris Move List and Guide

King of Fighters 15 – Chris Move List and Guide

Chris is one of the returning characters from Team Orochi. He also returns as a playable character for King of Fighters 15. Although his appearance would not be considered a fighter, he can outrun his opponents in battle. His role in the title is yet to be determined.

Who is Chris?

Chris appeared to be a gentle, kind character in King of Fighters 98, Team Orochi. Chris is a violent, sinister man beneath the surface. He taunts and passive-aggressively taunts enemies in battle.

Chris was not only a two-faced character, but he and Team Orochi also worked together to revive an ancient force of nature, Orochi. Orochi is determined to destroy humanity through the King of Fighters tournament. Although the team was successful, it cost the lives of his two fellow teammates. Orochi chose to use Chris’ body as his host.

But Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami defeated Orochi, and Team Orochi was deemed dead. The defeat of the last boss brought back some characters, including Chris and Team Orochi.

King of Fighters 15 ChrisMove list

Chris is a well-known character for his fast and dancelike moves. He can cross behind his foes, reach their foes quickly and dive from the top. His movements emphasize speed and mobility. Chris is an excellent pick for players who enjoy fast characters and can move around a lot. Here is a list of fights that he has been involved in King of Fighters 15.

Command Normal

  • Spinning Array – Forward + Light Punch
  • Reverse Anchor Kick – Forward + Light Kick
  • Kick-off Kick – Down Forward + Strong kick

Special Moves

  • Hunting Air – DP Movement (Forward, Down and Down Forward) + Light Kick/Strong kick
  • Glider Stomp: In mid-air, quarter-circle forward + Light Kick/Strong kick
  • Shooting Dancer Thrust- Quarter Circle Back + Light Punch/Strong Punch
  • Shooting Dancer Step – Quarter Circle Back + Light Kick/Strong Kick
  • Direction Change – Light Punch/Strong Punch + DP Motion
  • Scramble Dash – Quarter Circle forward + Light Kick/Strong Kick

Super Special Moves

  • Chain Slide Touch – Double Quarter Circle forward + Light Punch/Strong Punch
  • Twister Drive – Double Quarter Circle Back + Light Kick/Strong Kick
King of Fighters 15 – Chris Move List and Guide
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