Four Loko’s Fresh drink is making Twitter relive past hangovers

Pace yourselves, folks.

The ghost of hangovers ago is paying a visit to Twitter in the wake of a newly announced hard seltzer from Four Loko.

The Tuesday beverage maker unveiled the drink. It is 14% alcohol by volume and the can says it is the”hardest seltzer from the world.” By Wednesday, it had been trending on Google and people on Twitter had lots to say about previous run-ins with Four Loko.

If you don’t really remember the first buzz about twenty Loko, the Drink drew criticism in 2010 for blending caffeine and alcohol. CBS News reported at the time that Four Loko’s primary product was a 23.5 ounce beverage that has been 12 percent alcohol by volume, With about precisely the same amount of caffeine as a cup of java. Beforehand Of an expected FDA ban, Four Loko nixed the caffeine. Nevertheless, it Earned a reputation that was particular on college campuses and elsewhere. The Controversy also set off plenty of reminders for folks to drink responsibly



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