Modern Warfare 3 spawns are already shockingly terrible
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Modern Warfare 3 spawns are already shockingly terrible

Modern Warfare 3 spawns are already shockingly terrible

Modern Warfare 3 spawns are already shockingly terrible.


Spawn logic is an essential aspect of how the Call of Duty title plays, and after playing Modern Warfare 3 for the first time, gamers have already begun to voice their worries.

Modern Warfare 3 spawns decide where players will be when they can redeploy during a game. There are many factors that the game takes into account to determine the best location for players, which ranges from the location of enemies on maps to the control of the objective nearby.

During the first Beta weekend, gamers had the chance to test only a tiny portion of Sledgehammer Games’ latest project before its launch, which featured numerous games that put the game’s spawning logic to the test.

There is no system in which players can anticipate the locations of opponents around them; players quickly realized the fact that there were a couple of teething problems that affected games like Hardpoint as well as Domination. To bring attention to the issue, user Shaka_Walls posted on Reddit.

The player states: “The game honestly feels amazing, and I’m having a ton of fun, but holy god, the spawns are awful. There’s no actual fighting on any point, just on the periphery and gaps of every point.”

The majority of players are in agreement. A frustrated player states: “Why is it so hard for them to make teams spawn on the opposite side? I’d rather have spawn trapping than nonsense mid-map spawns.”

The precise reason for the unanswerable logic behind spawn is still a mystery. Still, in the two decades that have passed at the top of the world’s first-person shooter, You’d think Call of Duty developers would’ve developed spawn logic that works in a way that isn’t causing any problems by the time we’re here.

It’s not pleasant to see players appear close to the goal you’re able to in control; beta testing is the ideal time to experience such issues, so Sledgehammer Games can fine-tune the strategy before the game begins.

The company is known for its speedy resolution of all game-breaking bugs, and it’s possible to see enhancements when the second beta weekend begins on the 12th of October.

Modern Warfare 3 spawns are already shockingly terrible
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