PlayStation 5 Hardware Price Drops - Rare!

PlayStation 5 Hardware Price Drops – Rare!

PlayStation 5 Hardware Price Drops - Rare!

PlayStation 5 Hardware Price Drops – Rare!


This is a big week for PlayStation enthusiasts. Tomorrow’s PlayStation Showcase will reveal what to expect for the second half of the PlayStation 5 lifecycle. What do you hope to see at the PlayStation Showcase?

We can expect to see a release date and gameplay trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. We are also awaiting a formal announcement for Ghost of Tsushima 2, after that sneaky teaser in a PlayStation 5 advertisement earlier this year. This same advertisement also featured a mysterious Uncharted-looking clip.

Was it the Uncharted sequel that Bend Studio is rumored to be working on? A new IP or a different game? I would love to get an update on Naughty Dog. It would be nice to hear about The Last of Us multi-player project, but there have also been whispers of a PS5 Director’s Cut of part II. There’s so much to speculate about. Meanwhile, here’s some news about a price reduction on hardware.

Amazon is running a gaming week, and as has been reported, the Inzone PS5 products are on sale. Amazon US is offering the Inzone M9 gaming monitor and the Inzone wireless headset bundle for $999. The price is still high, but the pair would normally cost $1,200 if purchased separately.

The Inzone M9 Monitor is currently down from $900 to 798, and the M3 Monitor has been reduced to 468. So, there’s definitely some savings to be made if these items were on your list.

Amazon UK is currently selling the Inzone H3 Headset for £60. This was previously priced at PS89. The H9 headset and M9 monitor are not on sale.

PlayStation 5 Hardware Price Drops – Rare!
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