GTA Online Player uses Childhood Toy to AFK Grind
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GTA Online Player uses Childhood Toy to AFK Grind

GTA Online Player uses Childhood Toy to AFK Grind

GTA Online Player uses Childhood Toy to AFK Grind

Grinding up tons of money is expected for GTA players at this point. Especially with an update that contains a bunch of new content, set to drop today.

Many strategies allow people to invest in a property or a new car. However, most players prefer to use AFK exploits to build up a stash of drugs or guns they can sell.

One player engaged in this tactic in preparation for the Criminal Enterprises update’s onset and found an exciting way to ensure that they don’t get kicked out of sessions for inactivity.

Digging for More Moolah Before the GTA Update

This thread in the GTA Online Subreddit started with a post by WahedAli. He shared an image of a digger used to hold the joystick. Goodbye, rubber bands and hair ties.

Unfortunately, this solution didn’t impress other GTA players. Kalimander asked: “Isn’t that bad??” and carzylol153 replied: “Say hello to controller drift!”

SaltyZean offered an alternative method of going AFK, which SaltyZean suggested. “Just drive into (the LS Car Meet), enter the test track, and then immediately back up to go, then you can leave your game on the ‘Exit LS Car Meet Window’, and you’re done.” Raginglasers responded: “On Xbox last gen, you can even turn off your controller. You won’t get kicked. You will need to adjust some power-saving settings on both the controller and console.

Users stated that they were AFK and used security monitors in their nightclubs or businesses. This strategy was mentioned by WahedAli in response to their post.

A few users also shared their preferred ways of getting rid of being kicked. Aynonohmus said he just plugged his 3rd-party controller with chronic Joystick drift. Problem solved”, Kecske29 admitted that they use a rock to hold their A and S keys.

Meanwhile, user lifesnotworthitsrsly’s day was made by the post, with them gleefully announcing: “Yoooooo, no fricking way, I’ve got the same excavator just (in) all blue.”

Whether you have a toy or not, we will continue to update you with GTA6 and Online news as new HTML3_ content is made available.

GTA Online Player uses Childhood Toy to AFK Grind
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