Hell Yes, I would watch this Apex Legends Anime
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Hell Yes, I would watch this Apex Legends Anime

Hell Yes, I would watch this Apex Legends Anime.

My experience with Apex Legends is still minimal. I started playing the game with only one motivation: to play as a pansexual icon, Fuse. Developer Respawn released an animated trailer for the new Gaiden. It references anime like Neon Genesis Evangelion or One Piece.

Mirage joins Octane and Wattson as they face off against Revenant. The four characters are wearing their Gaiden Event skins. These skins reference different characters without having to say the names or deals. It’s a lot of fun. Apex Legends has had animated trailers before, but like most short-term projects, the Gaiden Event Trailer makes me want a whole animated show featuring these characters with a large budget.

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Today, July 19, is the Gaiden Event. Along with the homage skins, there will be weekly challenges, bundles, cosmetics at reduced prices, and a Prestige Apex Commander Skin for Bangalore. He also appears in the anime trailer.

If you enjoy the characters in Apex legends but don’t like battle royale, Respawn wants to expand the game’s universe by creating a single-player game, according to job postings. This is exciting because we may see a campaign with more story and character content than the battle royale format.

Hell Yes, I would watch this Apex Legends Anime
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