Fortnite: Who is the Paradigm Voice?

Fortnite: Who is the Paradigm Voice?

Fortnite: Who is the Paradigm Voice?

Fortnite: Who is the Paradigm Voice?

The Paradigm was finally able to speak during Fortnite‘s collision live event. Four of the legendary band of heroes had previously confirmed their roles as voice actors, so it was only natural that a character of such importance would be added to the already stellar cast. Who is The Paradigm on Fortnite?

Paradigm led players through the piloting of a tall Mecha she designed. She had snarky reactions towards Troy Baker’s John Jones and expressed gratitude to the Seven for allowing her back in after she betrayed them many moons before. The newly discovered Ice Moon housed the mecha and its repairs, where Paradigm was first to speak — at least from the players’ perspective.

Paradigm gave instructions to players about the mission. She did so with a modulated voice thanks to her ultra-sci-fi armor suit, which was far more detailed than her original outfit. However, those who were open to the idea and understood Fortnite’s multiverse neighbor could connect the voice to Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson.

The space one, not the thunder one.

This speculation gained more cosmic traction as other languages were dubbed for The live Collision event. Other actors who played the Captain Marvel role were also recognized. The same thing happened to Dwayne Johnson’s character, The Foundation when he was first revealed. The world’s voices already connected to Dwayne returned for their previous translation work.

Epic Games could have information about Larson’s voice actors, given that they are often revealed within a few hours of the event. Larson was even given a Locker Bundle last year. She was pictured with her Fortnite team, the Bush Babies. The new style is for the Bushranger skin. Larson also appeared in an advertisement for Fortnite. Her voice lending would be another step in a long-standing bridge between the actor of Fortnite and the game.

This article will be updated when more information becomes available about The Paradigm.

Fortnite: Who is the Paradigm Voice?
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