Vin Diesel's Grandmother Has been Cast in 'FastX'

Vin Diesel’s Grandmother Has been Cast in ‘FastX’

Vin Diesel's Grandmother Has been Cast in 'FastX'

Vin Diesel’s Grandmother Has been Cast in ‘FastX’

Fast & Furious has always had a strong tradition of on-set feuds. Fast X continues that tradition. Justin Lin, who has also directed Tokyo Drift and Fast & Furious, Fast Five and Fast & Furious 6 as well as Fast9 was to direct the penultimate movie. Lin resigned from the project in April.

Since then, it has been revealed that Lin had a dispute with Universal and Vin Diesel about the script. Lin, reportedly shouted at Diesel that “this movie is not worth my mental health.” Despite the outburst, FastX production is moving ahead. A key role has been assigned.

Rita Moreno, an actress, has been cast to play the role of Dominic Toretto’s grandmother. Diesel posted a video of him and Moreno on Instagram to announce the news. Diesel stated that it was his dream for years to work with Rita Moreno and that the fact she is here as my grandmother makes him smile. I’m so blessed.”

Diesel received a reply from Moreno saying that he thought he was getting… I believe my old age was waiting to be invited. Isn’t that lovely? It’s nice to be here.

You might recognize Moreno from Steven Spielberg’s 2021 remake of West Side Story. After winning an Oscar for 1961’s West Side Story, Moreno was cast as the new character Valentina. Moreno was also seen in several classic 50s and 60s films, including The King and I and Songin’ In The Rain.

Moreno is not the only new star in the franchise. Louis Leterrier, the director, joins Moreno as she follows Jason Momoa’s additions. Hollywood isn’t discouraged by the franchise’s turbulent history in on-set drama.

Vin Diesel’s Grandmother Has been Cast in ‘FastX’
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