SnowRunner is finally out, and it challenges players to navigate its harsh terrains using one of its 40 customizable vehicles.

Modders are already adding to Saber Interactive’s latest title despite it being launched. Here’s a list of the best SnowRunner mods to keep you on the cutting edge as you tackle extreme terrain.

SnowRunner Mods List

SnowRunner Mods 1 adds new vehicles to the already large roster. One of them is unusually purple and sports tentacles.

SnowRunner mods will continue to be added as modders become more familiar with the game. We will keep this list updated with any new mods that we discover.

Modify Octopus

Although trucks and cars are cool, SnowRunner’s Octopus Mod understands that getting your large, purple Octopus friend across rough terrain is the actual challenge. Instead of driving on wheels, you control the tentacles and can use your winch to help you out if you get stuck. It can be found on

Modification for Tesla Cybertruck

Except for the mod mentioned above, appearances are not important when tackling off-road driving challenges. SnowRunner is the perfect spot for the Tesla Cybertruck. This mod allows you to test the cybertruck’s blocky capabilities. It’s available at

Harley Davidson Fat Boy Mod

Although aesthetics are important in SnowRunner, the Harley Davidson Fat Boy is slightly more suitable for the terrain. Download the mod from to see it in action.

M134 Minigun Mod

We understand that you are disappointed that this mod doesn’t add a minigun on wheels. That would have been a terrible idea. The buggy that SnowRunner was introduced with the M134 Minigun Mod isn’t half bad. It fits SnowRunner’s theme. It can be found on

KrazChaborz Mod

The KrazChaborz Mod is a huge truck that goes against the grain. This truck screams SnowRunner. You can buy it in Taimyr and test it on any of the titles’ roads. It can be found on

WS 714WM Mod

Do you want more trucks? The showrunner WS 714WM Mod adds a huge eight-wheeler to its vehicle lineup. The mod is still in development but has received much attention due to its fitting theme. It can be downloaded from

Long Winches 3x Mod

When you are stuck on SnowRunner’s difficult terrain, winches will be there to help you. Long Winches 3x Mod simplifies your life by making it possible to get out of even the most difficult situations. It can be found at

No Recovery Mod

SnowRunner’s Recovery options are available for when the terrain is too difficult. Players who want a more intense experience can use the No Recovery Mod. This mod obliterates the Recover option. It can be found at

TUZ 420 DST Ant Mod

The TUZ 420 DRST Ant Mod brings military-style to the showrunner. It introduces an eight-wheeler that can easily be mistaken for an APC. The vehicle features a 1-slot cargo roof, high suspension, snorkel, etc. It’s available at

Bonkers Pacific P12 Mod

The lack of a pink SnowRunner mod is a problem. That’s exactly what the Bonkers Pacific P12 Mod solves. You can also drive a huge pink truck with it. However, this is not the only colour available. It also features a snorkel and differential lock and all-wheel drive, bumper options, and many other features. It can be found on

Untitled Goose Honk Mod

The Untitled Goose Honk mod brings us closer to being able to play as a goose in Showrunner. This mod replaces the regular sound of small and medium trucks’ horns with the iconic goose honk. You can get it from

Emil’s Voron D53233 Mod

SnowRunner’s already extensive truck fleet is now augmented by Emil’s Voron D53233 MOD. Everything is included, and the truck’s truck store price is set at 1. The truck comes with 7 new engines and a new engine box with 12 auto gears, 3 low and 1 high gear, and a new winch that is extremely strong and long-lasting. It can be purchased at

Emil’s Khan 39 Marshall Mod

SnowRunner is not just about big trucks, as it turns out. Emil’s Khan 39 Marshall mod mods the small DLC vehicle with 7 auto gears. 3 low gears and 1 higher gear. A new winch, unlockable Scout, large truck trailers, etc., are added. It’s available at

Modifications to Offroad Trailers

SnowRunner’s Offroad trailers mod allows for individual tuning of the trailers to make it more comfortable to drive with them attached. If you intend to link multiple trailers together, they will interact differently with the road surface. It can be found on

Yerf Dog 3203 Mod

SnowRunner now has a third buggy, the Yerf Dog 33203 mod. The vehicle is available in several colours to allow those who want to keep their aesthetics intact while tackling snowy and muddy terrain. You can get it at

Responsive Steering

The responsive steering mod makes SnowRunner more responsive, especially when using an Xbox 360 gamepad. This mod eliminates lag and the dead zone effect and allows you to drive at higher speeds with more finesse. Get it from

Non-essential SnowRunner Mods

  • Dan 96320 Improved
  • Derry Longhorn 3194 upgrade
  • Emil’s Ank MK38
  • Hummer Crawler
  • Emil’s International Loadstar 1700
  • Ford 1976 XLT Ranger
  • Azov 64131 Custom offroad
  • Tatra 813
  • MAZ 538
  • 1993 Dodge Ram Cummins
  • iX Wrecker
  • Chevrolet Duramax Roro Customs
  • Frog’s Monstrosity II 26 Door OBS Ford
  • Pacific JBE
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