Early Access was a success for the Viking survival game Valheim. It sold 6,000,000 copies, set at least one player count record and received its first set mods.

Despite not having official support, modders were able to share small changes that make the game more enjoyable. For our list of best Valheim mods, please read on.

The Best Valheim Mods

    • Valheim Plus
    • Super Jump
    • Torch Mod
    • Pull from Containers
    • Loot Multiplier
    • First person view
    • HUD with Improved Construction
    • Quick Slots and Equipment
    • BetterUI
    • Improved Archery
    • Mount up
    • Unrestricted Portals
    • Stats on Hearth and Home Old Food
  • RequipMe

Currently, customization is the key word. However, this will likely change over time as modders get new tools and features. We will highlight the top Valheim mods in this article as we launch more Valheim mods over the next months. It’s important to remember that mods can be updated and may not work until they are re-integrated with the base game.

Valheim Plus

Valheim Plus allows players to customize their survival experience by increasing Fermenters, Furnaces and Kilns production. You can also change your weight, limit the number of players per server and fix weather-related building damage. You can also modify your field of view, share your map position and how much they’ve explored. This is one of the more important entries on this list. You can obtain it from NexusMods.

Super Jump

Super Jump, unlike the other mods, is more specific. You can set how many jumps your character can do while in mid-air. You can choose to do the classic double jump or go higher. Or you can set it up to infinity. It’s available from Nexus Mods.

Torch Mod

The Torch mod allows you to adjust the color, range and intensity of torches and firepits. You can modify their effectiveness at piercing through darkness, or make them prettier depending on your Viking taste.

Craft Builds Smelt Cook fuel Pull from Containers

There are some people who craft more than others, and it can be frustrating to have to search through all the containers looking for the right resources. Fortunately, aedenthorn’s entry in our top Valheim mods lists allows you to automatically draw resources from nearby containers towards your crafting and upgrading of items. It can be found on NexusMods.

Multiplier Loot

Survival games can be very harsh, with lots of loot that you get as long as you keep moving forward. The Loot multiplier mod allows you to adjust the amount of stuff that you get for killing, destroying, or picking up an item. Simple yet effective.

First person view

It will only take a few more years before modders create a first person mod that can be used in third-person games. Valheim’s did not waste any time. It’s still a work-in-progress, but you can zoom in to play as though you were in the skull of your Viking warrior.

HUD with Improved Construction

Valheim’s Improved Build HUD mod allows you to easily see how many items you can build and how many resources you have.

Equipment and Quick Slots

If you want to give your items their own inventory slots, the Equipment & Quick Slots mod might be worth a try. You can also access three additional quick slots via hotkeys for faster access.


It can be difficult to get to grips with new UIs. Modder Masa felt that Valheim’s might need some subtle tweaks to make it more understandable. A number of minor changes to the BetterUI mod make a big difference. These include custom tooltips and colors that show durability. The Nexus Mods original version can be downloaded, while the version can also be downloaded.

Improved Archery

As its name implies, the Better Archery mod is for players who prefer ranged combat in Valheim. This mod adds a new quiver system and improves aiming. It also makes arrow physics more real. There is also the possibility of retrieving used arrows if the RNG gods so will it. It can be purchased from Nexus Modules.

Mount up

Mount Up allows you to ride a tamed loxen and boars and show your Viking strength. You have two options: you can control them yourself, or you can jump on a mounted that already has a rider. The downside is that you won’t be able to control the creature. You can also jump on the back of another player and take them wherever you want. You can test it by visiting Nexus MODs.

Unrestricted Portals

Because it allows players to access any item through portals and gives them more control over the already brutal world of Valheim, Unrestricted Portals is a top-rated mod. It makes it easier to carry all the resources you can gather. You can also set restrictions and multiplies on what passes through portals. It can be found on Nexus MODs.

Stats on Hearth and Home Old Food

Valheim’s Hearth & Home update brought new life to the game, but it also made some changes that might not be immediately appealing to all players. The Old Food Stats mod allows you to go back in time, and, if you feel particularly adventurous, you can even modify the food preferences of your viking. It can be downloaded from Nexus MODs.


Valheim is a place where death is inevitable. Mobs can camp your tombstone, making it difficult to stay alive once you have recovered your equipment. You can instantly equip your best weapons, armor, and Megingjords after you have recovered them from the tombstone. This mod ensures that you are ready to go for battle. You can also equip items directly from your inventory if the trek proves to be more dangerous than you expected. It can be found on NexusMods.

Non-essential Valheim Mods

    • Passive Powers
    • JotunnBackpacks
    • Automatic Map Markers – Ship and Cart
    • Bigger Chests
    • Instant Monster Loot Drop
    • HD Skies for Valheim
    • HD Overhaul
    • BagualPack
    • Odin Horse

As the survival game continues to be in Early Access, we wouldn’t be surprised if more Valheim modifications are created. We’ll highlight the most interesting ones in this article. To see the 2021 roadmap, you can check it out.

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