Performance issues with Elden Ring and low FPS
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Performance issues with Elden Ring and low FPS

Performance issues with Elden Ring and low FPS

Performance issues with Elden Ring and low FPS

A great Metacritic score does not mean the game is perfect. On PC Elden Ring, performance issues can occur. Reports have surfaced that the game is experiencing micro-stuttering, low FPS, and other issues. This has caused Steam reviews to fall to mixed, tarnishing its near-perfect score even with a large player count.

Bandai Namco has admitted to the performance problems and asked its players for patience while they wait for future fixes. It is unfortunate that the delay has meant that day one of the game’s performance can’t be enjoyed. Even after the patches that were released and those that were previously.

When will Elden Ring performance problems be resolved?

It’s difficult to believe that the game will be fixed immediately after the announcement was made on Friday, one day after its release. Bandai Namco has not yet specified when the game will be fixed, but it is likely that it will happen next week. There may be delays in any further updates due to the weekend and new release.

Liste of topics under investigation

  • Concerning the issue of the mouse being too sensitive for the PC version
    • In the near future, we will send out a patch to address this issue.
  • Concerning the issue of Easy Anti-Cheat not launching when the Steam account name has been set to 2 bytes characters
    • We are aware that this is a problem and will provide a solution in the near future.
  • Concerning frame rate issues and other performance-related issues during gameplay, we will continue to work on improving the game so it can be enjoyed comfortably on different platforms and environments.
    • The PC version can be significantly improved by updating the graphics card drivers to the most recent version.
  • Concerning the phenomenon of game data not being saved correctly in the PlayStation 5 version
    • Unexpectedly turning off the PS5 console while you are playing a game, or in rest mode may cause data to not be saved.
    • We are aware that this is a problem and are currently working on a fix. However, you can save your game manually until then by exiting the game frequently.
    • If you close the game, by using the OPTION button to open the system menu and choosing “Quit Game”, your game data will be correctly saved.

Can I still play Elden Ring?

You won’t experience Elden Ring performance problems if your graphics drivers and game are up-to-date. You can then enjoy the new game without worrying about your boss and continue to fight for that boss. You may not be as lucky, but Elden Ring fixes can help you find more solutions.

Be aware that a HTML5 console may have a game data loss bug. Their announcement stated that data might not be saved if the console’s power is switched off while you are playing or when it is in rest mode. You may want to save the game and restart the program every now and again until it is fixed. To get all the information you need, visit our Elden Ring page .

Performance issues with Elden Ring and low FPS
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