Preview of Elden Ring: A Greener, Leaner, and More Welcome Souls Experience

Preview of Elden Ring: A Greener, Leaner, and More Welcome Souls Experience

Preview of Elden Ring: A Greener, Leaner, and More Welcome Souls Experience

Preview of Elden Ring: A Greener, Leaner, and More Welcome Souls Experience

We were able to play Elden Ring for six hours last week. Although the demo began in the same manner as the network tests, I was allowed to explore, fight, and progress at my own pace. This time I was struck by Elden Ring’s welcoming approach to tutorials, as well as the abundance of greenery and life in the area. It is still a Souls-type game, Elden Ring. FromSoftware has created a Souls experience that encourages experimentation, and meets players halfway.

Tarnished, welcome

Before I started the six-hour Elden Ring demo, I hadn’t played the game. I decided to skip the network testing for a more comprehensive experience and was unsure what to expect. Being a Souls game, I was prepared for any challenge and was ready for The Lands Between. These fears were unnecessary as Elden Ring spent about half an hour teaching me the core mechanics, and then giving me the chance to test them out. For those who wish it, there is a tutorial section. The first battles are designed to teach you the ropes and then let you loose.

Dark Souls and its relatives have been excellent at preparing players to face the challenges ahead. In the past, many of the more intricate functions were kept secret until players got into deep exploration. With Elden Ring, this was not true. Jump attacks, countering and crafting were all taught quickly. You can even use glowing waypoints as a guide between checkpoints. Multiplayer has its own section that explains the menu. It allows players to use items to summon others players and invade other worlds. While I love the mystery at the heart of Souls games, a part of me can find it frustrating at times. Elden Ring appears to have found the perfect balance between player-side exploration and handholding. While you will still need to read all descriptions of every item that you purchase, there are many guides to help make it easier.

The counter-attack is one of my favorite additions to Elden Ring. You can launch a powerful counterattack if you block an attack with your shield, or any other weapon. You no longer need to practice on your enemies early to learn how to counter them. Instead, you can rely on a large window to make your move. Fans of classic Souls don’t worry, shield parry still exists and is difficult to master every time.

Give It a Try

It will be easier for new players to get onboarded. Veteran players will also benefit from this refined approach to onboarding, as they can explore the vast array of building options and strategies available. I have played all Souls games so far and I find them to be quite challenging. Let me have a sword, shield, dexterity, strength, endurance and I will be happy, from the first enemy to my last boss. Except for a short stint in Dark Souls 2, summons and magic are not something I use often. I felt that there was too much to gain from trying out new tactics and items, and that I would be locked out if I tried them all.

I was finally able to break out of my routine thanks to Elden Ring’s encouragement to players to experiment with crafting and streamlined summons. I started to experiment with magic, learned how to use ranged weapons, and began using items more often. There were many resources available to me to create arrows, traps, and consumables. I didn’t feel the need to hold onto anything too long.

To make it easier and more practical, the summons system has been modified. Summons that are essentially consumables can now be used to replenish your FP bar and spawn allies who stay around until their health bars run out. Although you can only summon one Summon at a given time, it will give your bosses an advantage. Your spectral jellyfish friend hurls poison-tipped projectiles far away.

Ashes of War allows players to add special moves to their weapons. This mechanic is similar to Weapon Arts from Dark Souls. These can be traded at Sites of Grace, which basically add new attacks to your arsenal. This creates a combat system that encourages players to keep playing. Players can swap weapons, summons, and add new attacks for very little investment. It makes Souls more enjoyable, and I look forward to trying some of the more bizarre builds.

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

It’s difficult to list all the ways Elden Ring feels more accessible than its predecessors. It is still a Souls-based game. Although Elden Ring has simplified its systems and allowed for more freedom of movement, there is still a lot of death. In the opening area, I found a camp full of enemies protecting treasure. I had to make six attempts to defeat them all, which required patience, stealth, and careful countering.

Bosses can be as terrifying as you might imagine, even with all the bells and whistles. Margit, the Fell Omen, blocks access to the castle. She wields a light hammer that can be used to pour down heavy blows. The hills are populated by giants, supported by legions of archers as well as ragged hounds. Bulky knights ride on horses, swinging lances and spears wild through the open spaces. If the first six hours in Elden Ring are any indication, players can expect a very punishing time.

Grab Your Friends, Come on!

FromSoftware made multiplayer for Elden Ring much simpler. The multiplayer menu highlights items that can summon or invade and provides more information on how to use Summon Signs and leave Summon Signs. I can’t wait for the Souls community to get their hands on Elden Ring. There are many possibilities, thanks to the large open spaces and the constant emotes/messaging system.

I was extremely happy with the first six hours of Elden Ring and am eager to learn more. It’s great to see FromSoftware openly explain systems that were previously difficult for me to understand. Elden Ring streamlines some of the series’ most popular formulas. It encourages experimentation and makes it easy to connect with friends. The launch day is coming soon.

Preview of Elden Ring: A Greener, Leaner, and More Welcome Souls Experience
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