Crusader Kings 3 is finally here, giving players another chance to rule some part of the world and survive medieval court intrigue. Many players consider mods an integral part of the experience, and the third installment in the series is no exception.

Crusader Kings 3 mods were available from day one. This meant that players didn’t have to wait until they could make drastic changes to their game or add more minor UI elements that were missing by default. This list of the top CK3 mods aims at highlighting both the more significant, more ambitious mods as well as the more minor mods that are worthwhile. For our top Crusader Kings3 mods, please read on.

The Best CK3 Mods

Steam Workshop support makes it easy to install them. Players who have CK3 can subscribe to the ones that interest them.

Some mods are still in development and will get more features over time. Others are full versions that will be updated and tweaked to make them playable under new patches. Sometimes modders drop projects or take a longer time to correct them.

If that happens, older versions are still available on separate beta branches. This allows you to play modded games. You can access them by right-clicking on the game from your Steam library. Select Properties and then go to Betas. Choose the version you prefer from the drop-down menu. These are the top CK3 mods.

    • Maryanne: The Bronze Age
    • Princes of Darkness
    • Sunset Invasion
    • Primogeniture without Requirements
    • More Building Slots
    • Learn more about the game rules
    • Rhomaioi – A Byzantine Empire Mod
    • Pantheon of the Gods
    • VIET Events – A Flavor and Immersion Event Mod
    • Cities of Wonders 2
    • Community Flavor Pack
    • Clear Notifications

Maryanne: The Bronze Age

The Bronze Age: Maryanne, a Crusader Kings3 total conversion mod, moves the action further back in the past while adding its map that includes both the Near East (in extreme detail). You can choose to start in 2115 BCE or 1590 BCE and play as one ruler, but you will face new challenges. Mod includes new religious Tenets and Innovations, overhauls buildings, and adds the possibility of infanticide. You can grab it from the Steam Workshop.

Princes of Darkness

Inspired by the World of Darkness IP mod, CK3’s Princes of Darkness mod places you in the shoes of an immortal vamp who, it turns out, needs to be more than just your regular medieval ruler. You are no longer able to die from old age or disease, and this privilege is now reserved for burning and beheading. The offspring of marriages are no longer political tools. However, the Tenets of your Faith can be used to help define your character’s philosophy. You must also be aware of your Hunger stat as a vampire. This indicates your need for blood. The Stress mechanic can also cause your inner monster to unleash, causing your character to abdicate. Subscribe to it on Steam Workshop.

Sunset Invasion

Crusader Kings III’s Sunset Invasion mod builds on CK2’s most divisive pieces. It adds threatening Aztecs onto the game’s map and allows players – either as independent or visualized rulers – to decide their relationship with the invaders. KeizerHarm, the mod creator, describes this mechanic as “half way between the Grace mechanic in CK2: Jade Dragon and the Morality system from Bioware Games”. Over time, you will unlock new options through your interactions with the Aztecs. It can be found on the Steam Workshop.

Primogeniture without Requirements

Partition, formerly known under Gavelkind, is a complex and frustrating early-game challenge in Crusader Kings III. The Primogeniture Without Requirements mod allows you to switch between Primogeniture and Ultimogeniture without meeting the vanilla requirements. However, AI does not need to meet all requirements. You can grab it from the Steam Workshop.

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