When does Path of Exile Scourge League end?

When does Path of Exile Scourge League end?

When does Path of Exile Scourge League end?

When does Path of Exile Scourge League end?

The Path of Exile Scourge League has been live for a little over 11 weeks, which means players will likely start asking the question ‘How much longer is scourge league?’. That’s because typically, the Path of Exile challenge leagues are released on a fairly regular 13-week cycle. With all this in mind, keep reading. We’ll explain everything you need to know on when the current Scourge League ends and everything else you need to know.

When Does Path of Exile Scourge League End?

As we touched on before, each Path of Exile challenge league will normally aim for a 13-week cycle. That being said, some leagues have run well past the normal 13 weeks. For instance, you can see the exact start and end dates for past seasons just below:

Assuming that the current season lasted for exactly 13 weeks, it would end on January 20, 2022. However, as the dates above show, the league always ends on a Monday. So January 24, 2022, seems more likely.

However, we also know from the developers that PoE Scourge League has been extended by 2 weeks. As such, we think the PoE Scourge League may end on February 7, 2022.

All this means that if you have any unfinished challenges, there are still a few weeks to complete them before saying goodbye to the Scourge.

Path of Exile Scourge League Extended

Shortly before the end of 2021, the community team from Grinding Gear Games popped on the forums to confirm a few details about what to expect in early 2022.

The first major detail was that the dev team was working towards launching the PoE 3.17 Expansion, which was penciled in for “early February.” This was a slight delay on the original promise to bring 3.17 in January 2022. This wasn’t a result of any issues with the game, but rather the developer opting to push back the release so they could give staff a well-earned break before the year ahead.

The knock-on effect of this delay means that the Scourge League would also be extended by at least two weeks.

When does Path of Exile Scourge League end?
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