Global Everything Shortage is a problem, even Microsoft can't find a Series X to play in its Halo Tournament.

Global Everything Shortage is a problem, even Microsoft can’t find a Series X to play in its Halo Tournament.

Global Everything Shortage is a problem, and even Microsoft can’t find a Series X to play in its Halo Tournament.

Microsoft can’t locate an Xbox Series X console, and I can’t either. Because of the global supply chain shortage, virtually everything is a nightmare. Microsoft even had to scramble to find Xbox Series X consoles to attend yesterday’s Halo Championship Series.

According to the console maker, it does not have an inexhaustible supply of its systems. Kotaku reported that Microsoft and 343 Industries Esports and Viewership Leader Tahir Hasandjekic had tweeted that the Halo tournament kickoff would sometimes have to resort to Series X development kits for some players. Although the developer models may look slightly different, they are fundamentally identical, so there is no need to panic for those unfamiliar with their console. “Why? “Global supply chain shortages are real,” Hasandjekic tweeted.

As the Halo Championship Series concludes its final day, it seems like everyone who competed for the $250,000 prize pool is doing well. As recently as an hour ago, Hasandjekic reported that more than 220,000 people watched this event. It’s all well and good, but it’s something we see more of.

Global supply shortages are causing havoc in many areas of our daily lives, but they’re also affecting the games industry. The Verge offers a helpful explanation. However, all those raw materials that end up being your PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and fancy GPU don’t get from A to B. Many manufacturers are competing for the same parts in short supply. This results in car manufacturers versus other phone makers and Sony and Microsoft. It gets worse when people start hoarding goods, buying sought-after items to resell, and so we all pay more.

This is why it isn’t easy to get a new console and why a mega-corporation entering their tournament in short supply drives this home. Final Fantasy XIV producer Naoki Yashida has referred to the entire ordeal numerous times when explaining why Square Enix cannot upgrade the MMO’s server infrastructure. Valve is having trouble getting their Steam Deck out the door promptly.

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