FFXIV Gathering Is Less About Inventory, More About Volume in Endwalker
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FFXIV Gathering Is Less About Inventory, More About Volume in Endwalker

FFXIV Gathering Is Less About Inventory, More About Volume in Endwalker

FFXIV Gathering Is Less About Inventory, More About Volume in Endwalker


When players log in to Endwalker first time, gathering in Final Fantasy XIV — particularly mining and botany — is a completely different experience. This expansion removes HQ materials from the game to help lighten your load. Prospectors found that these items took up a lot of space in their backpacks. Gathering feels a lot different now than they are gone.

Logging in for the first time will reveal that half of your skills have fun, red lines through them. This is the game’s way to say “delete that.” These skills are removed and sometimes replaced by completely new ones. This is FFXIV. Each expansion takes and replaces certain actions. This time, the ax was taken out of Gatherers.

The reason these Jobs are still possible was not just the harvesting of HQ materials but also the ability to collect as many items as you can. This push and pull between quality and quantity was the core of gathering. The gatherer’s equivalent to mana, “GP,” is the price of skills that increase your yield or those that increase the chances of getting better items. It was up to you to decide whether to prioritize HQ items or raw materials. Both could be used in crafting or sold to other players. Even though only HQ materials were used, they provided an advantage for crafting HQ weapons, armor, and potions with better stats.

The gathering is now much easier. More than crafting. Almost all your skills can be gathered more. To that end, Perception, the gatheregatherer’shat increases the chances of HQ yields, has been repurposed. It now increases the chances of “Gatherer’s Boon,” a semi-random effect that occurs during a gathering. This basically provides one or more items with every harvest attempt. Botanists and Miners who have been around for a while will recognize the “dinging” sound as the old HQ gathering noise. That’s at least, it’s still there.

This may affect how you feel about it. FFXIV is a complicated and limited inventory system. There are limited slots. You will need to spend real money to get more space to store junk after a point. Everything you collect (or loot from dead monsters) takes up half of the space. The difficulty of recipes has been adjusted to compensate. Crafters won’t be left behind.

Being a craftsman and gatherer, the changes have made a big difference in my life. Although it was a real pain manually sorting my inventory, I’m an ingredient hoarder and that’s why this is on me. This should in the long-term make it less punishing for players who pursue Miner, Botanist and crafting classes.

This reminds me. Fishing is something I haven’t’ mentioned yet. It’s still a ball of wax, as always. The principle is the same: No more “HQ fish!” However, fishermen didn’t lose as many skills. Instead of catching better quality whoppers, actions that were previously intended for this purpose simply increase the size of your logs. But don’t worry. Fisherman have their own class changes to be learned — specifically , the new Spearfishing minigame that was included with Endwalker. These are the most important changes to class abilities.

Some people find the simplification to be a drawback. Some players may be annoyed by the simplification of Miners and Botanists, especially for those who enjoy managing GP. They do exist, I’m sure! I am mostly here to enjoy the tranquil, cathartic sounds that a digital stone is being picked up with a pickaxe. This much, at most, is intact.

FFXIV Gathering Is Less About Inventory, More About Volume in Endwalker
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