New World Watermark Guide – The Watermark System Explained

New World Watermark Guide – The Watermark System Explained

New World Watermark Guide – The Watermark System Explained

New World Watermark Guide – The Watermark System Explained

You’ll unlock the final stage of Amazon’s MMO when you reach level 60 in World. The grind is about acquiring the best gear and the highest Gear Score. Understanding how the High Watermark system works and how it affects your overall Gear Score is key to this goal.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about increasing your Watermark.

How the New World’s Watermark System works

While experience is essential for improvement when you are below level 60, you will begin to rely on your Gear Score to increase your overall power once you reach the cap. The Watermark system is here to help. Your Watermark is basically what determines your Gear Score for each item you receive in the game world.

Every item category has its Watermark. This means that your Watermarks for helmets and gauntlets, chest armor, and other items will be unique. This is also true for weapons such as Swords and Hatchets or Spears. Your primary goal as a level 60 player is to increase that Watermark. This will allow you better items and will increase your Gear Score.

Currently, you can only acquire a 590 Watermark, but we anticipate that this will change in future updates. You will start with a High Watermark score of 500 on all your items once you reach level 60. This means that you cannot find armor and weapons with a Gear Score below 500. There is a chance that you might find something with a score five points higher than your High Watermark. For example, a piece of chest armor could have a score of 505. This would increase your maximum Watermark score to 505, allowing you to find new items with a score of up to 510.

Important to remember that your Watermark will not be affected by items purchased on the Trading Post or gear you earn through quest rewards.

How to increase your high Watermark

You can improve your Gear Score and increase your maximum Watermark by focusing on certain activities in the game world.

It’s a great way of grinding for drops by killing Elite mobs at level 60+. This farming method has one downside: Elite enemies are now more difficult to kill. You’ll need to bring your party along. Siren Strand, Caminus are two good places to farm Elite enemies. There will be many players in Myrkgard, the Shattered Mountains. Avoid large groups. The lower the chance of looting, the better. You can also loot Elite Supply chests scattered all over the map. They have a 23-hour cooling down, but they can provide quick access to extra drops.

Dungeons and Expeditions are another great way to find higher Gear Scores items. These sections are the most difficult in the game. You’ll need to have a party that includes a Tank and a Healer to make it through them. Outpost Rush or Corrupted Breaks can also be taken part in.

You can increase your chances of getting better Watermarked items by using gear that increases your luck. Luck-based gear won’t affect the score of the items you receive, but it can increase the rarity and value of the drops you get from enemies. There is no way to farm-specific item types. You will have to use whatever New World offers you.

New World Watermark Guide – The Watermark System Explained
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