FFXIV Endwalker Dungeon Guide: Smileton

FFXIV Endwalker Dungeon Guide: Smileton

FFXIV Endwalker Dungeon Guide: Smileton

FFXIV Endwalker Dungeon Guide: Smileton

Your expertise is required to survive this MC Escher-esque dungeon. You are now in the seventh dungeon of Final Fantasy XIV. This dungeon is the Endwalker and the only one that can unlock Expert Duty Roulette. Smile continues to tell the story of the Loporrits. They do their best to create a safe and habitable sanctuary for all. The best-laid plans often go wrong.

Warning: Dungeon guides may contain spoilers. You can save the surprise of dungeons by giving them a go before you refer to a guide. If you need help, please come back to this page.

First Mob Pull

We weave a complicated web! To move forward, you’ll need to open the doors filled with purple and black smoke. These first encounters are usually quite simple. The larger Smiley Thinker will strike with a point-blank circle AOE. So, run out of range.

First Boss Face

The face is the first boss. The boss does not move from its original position, and the fight takes place in a square arena. This is more of a mechanic test than a difficult fight.

  • Lines of fire: This primary fighting mechanic. There are four face statues on the east and west of the arena with smiley faces (blue) or frowny faces (red). The boss will attach to the east or west side of the boss’s face when they use Lines of Fire. The faces will shoot AoE lasers across your platform towards the end of the cast. You will be hit with a debuff named for the person who struck you. You will want to switch between Frowny and Smiley debuffs for the whole fight. Heavy damage will result if you get hit with the same debuff twice. Three hits with the same debuff are enough to cause instant death.
  • Flip the Face: The boss flips both the face statues randomly on either side. Note the new positions of Smiley and Frowny faces.
  • On My Lawn: The boss will reprimand the whole party and move them all to the south or north of the arena. It’s not intended to cause any harm, but it can push you into a new lane.
  • Temper. Temper: Every party member will be marked with an AoE circle. Spread out to avoid damage that overlaps.
  • Temper’s Flare: An AoE that is soft for all parties. It’s possible to heal yourself.
  • Heart on Fire IV This is a single-target tankbuster. Tanks, make sure you have your cooldowns.

Lines of Fire are the only thing you need to be concerned about. Or you will die. Flipside changes the position of the face statuaries, while On My Law pushes you one lane either way. This fight is easy, except for the main mechanic.

Second Mob Pull

This section will show you more AoE attacks by the various enemies. Smiley Metalloid can occasionally hit their primary target with long-line AoEs, while Smiley Scaper and Smiley Daphnia use point-back circles AoEs.

Framework: Second Boss

This creepy replica of humanity is at your disposal. The arena is circular, and the fight takes place. There are no danger zones or falls.

  • Circular Saw The party’s AoE. You brave soldiers, it is possible to heal from it.
  • Jump Forward: Framework will aim at a specific direction during the casting of this action by using a double-arrow marker. It will leap towards its casting direction and strike the area with the larger circle AoE at the end.
  • Print Workers Framework: Framer will attack the two Smiley sentries from wherever they are. They will be moving around during the fight. They will print two copies Framework to make their own Jump Forward attacks. You need to know where they start and where they will land.
  • Omnidimensional Attack: The boss will use four cone AoEs to attack in the cardinal directions, followed by four more between them. You can dodge the first set of attacks by standing in the second area and then moving to where the attack is just starting.
  • Steel Beam This tankbuster is not visible, but you might not even notice it.

This fight is a little difficult due to the combination of Frameworkers’ attacks and Print Workers’ attacks. The Print Workers use only Leap Forward, which reduces the arena available. However, the boss can combine any of its attacks like Omnidimensional Onslaught.

FFXIV Endwalker Dungeon Guide: Smileton
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