Guide to the Endwalker Dungeon: The Stigma Dreamscape
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Guide to the Endwalker Dungeon: The Stigma Dreamscape

Guide to the Endwalker Dungeon: The Stigma Dreamscape

Guide to the Endwalker Dungeon: The Stigma Dreamscape

As we plunge into the digital world, it’s time for us to turn from ones to zeroes. After finishing Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, you will run one of the two dungeons. The Stigma Dreamscape continues the story of Omega, the Omicrons and the Ultima Thule questline. It is one of the dungeons that unlock the Expert Duty Roulette. You can stop this warlike machine-race from returning to the stars by diving into The Stigma Dreamscape. This dungeon also features a rendition of “eScape” from The Primals.

You can access these two post-game content by reading our Smileton unlock guide. This article also explains why you should run these dungeons to access endgame content.

Warning: Dungeon guides may contain spoilers. You can save the surprise of dungeons by giving them a go before you refer to a guide. If you need help, please come back to this page.

Editor’s note: Staff author Mike Williams contributed to this guide. Please show your respect for him.

First Mob Pull

It takes time to complete the matrix. This one is not. These mob encounters are usually quite straightforward. The Omicron Invaders won’t use Electric Stream as a line AoE at random party members — they also have Shocking Discharge, a point black circle AoE. One Level Ticker will use Reset, a point-blank type of AoE. The Eta Invaders, which look like dogs, have an AoE called Master Cannon that targets one party member.

If you’re familiar with the Omega raid series, then this boss may seem familiar. This is the Omega boss’s prototype. It will be fought in a square arena. The fight will be dominated by the outside edge, which will cause damage and debuff.

  • Side Cannons: The boss will mark the left or right sides of its character with large glowing arrows and exhausts. Proto-Omega will illuminate that side in a massive 180-degree AoE at the end of the cast. This is important to know as the AoE marker moves quickly. To avoid any damage, stand on the opposite side to the boss. This will create a hazard area around the arena’s outer edge.
  • Front and Rear Interceptors: These work similarly to Side Cannons. The markers used to telegraph attacks will move just as quickly. Before the cast starts, get on the other side of the boss.
  • Chemical Missile Three of the four-party members will have purple AoE markers placed on their bodies. Spread them apart to avoid any overlap. Spreading far apart is best as each missile will leave a glowing AoE on the ground, which players must avoid. This is especially important due to the next attack.
  • Electric Slide: Only one player will be tagged using a stacking marker. All players must gather together to share the damage. This attack will also include a purple pushback marker. Everyone will be pushed in the same direction if Proto-Omega comes to a halt on you. You must ensure that you are aligned so that you don’t get pushed into the AoE or danger zone at the edge of the arena.
  • Guided Missile –Two people will be tied to a slow-moving missile outside the arena. To avoid any damage overlap, marked players will need to move away. Players will need to avoid these AoEs as the missiles can also leave them behind.
  • Mustard Bomb A simple tankbuster that cools down and allows you to heal.

These mechanics will continue until the boss is defeated. Proto-Omega will combine some attacks halfway through the fight to allow for multiple mechanics.

Second Mob Pull

You’ll also face Lambda Invaders, who use a rare tankbuster-like attack called Wheel. You will also have to deal with Delta Invaders, who occasionally use Rail Cannon. This is a line AoE that targets random players. With all the AoEs going off, wall-to-wall pulling can become chaotic. Be prepared to dodge and heal it all.

Second Boss: Arch Lambda

Although the fight against Arch-Lambda is on a circular platform, there are no danger zones around it.

  • Wheel A simple tankbuster that cools down and heals through.
  • Auto-mobile Attack Cannon: While this attack is casting, Arch-Lambda pre-telegraphs four large lines AoEs that it’s going after in sequential order. These lines run from one side of the arena to the other. It would help if you planned where you would move to avoid being caught up in the attack as it rushes through the AoEs. Move towards the bosses’ endpoint once this attack is over. It will then immediately follow up with…
  • Wave Cannon After the boss has finished with Auto-mobile Cannon, and Wave Cannon will be cast. This AoE attack is almost room-wide, with the boss in the closest safe zone. Wave Cannon casts quickly, so it is important to plan to avoid being damaged.
  • The Atomic Flame: A party-wide attack that does decent damage. Be prepared, healers.
  • Automobile Sniper Cannon: The boss will place itself at one end of the arena and then cast an AoE line straight to the opposite end. Each player will be marked with one to four dots when this line is being cast. Each player will be marked with several dots to indicate a separate AoE line that targets them from a starting point marked with the same number of dots as the initial AoE line. Players need to position themselves so that the line that hits them doesn’t overlap.

These tactics will continue until the boss is defeated. You’ll be fine as long as you can telegraph these attacks and get in the right places beforehand.


Guide to the Endwalker Dungeon: The Stigma Dreamscape
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