Shadowlands Patch 9.2 Eternity’s End: List of All Tier Set Bonuses

Shadowlands Patch 9.2 Eternity’s End: List of All Tier Set Bonuses

Shadowlands Patch 9.2 Eternity’s End: List of All Tier Set Bonuses

Shadowlands Patch 9.2 Eternity’s End: List of All Tier Set Bonuses

Shadowlands Patch 9.2 Eternity’s End: List of All Tier Set Bonuses

Death Knight


2 set – Endless Rune Waltz When you dodge an attack, your weapon will lash out, and Heart Strike your attacker. Now, Dancing Rune Weapon summons 2 Rune Weapons.

4 set – Endless Rune Waltz: Heart Strike increases Strength by 1%, and the Dancing Rune Weapon duration increases by 0.5 seconds. It persists for 10 seconds after Dancing Rune Weapon ends.


2 set Arctic Assault Remorseless Winter grants an 8% Critical Strike while you are active.

4 set – Arctic Assault The Consuming Killing Machine launches a Glacial Advance at your target.


Two set Harvest Time Every 5th Clawing Shadows/ Scourge Strike casts Soul Reaper upon your target. Soul Reaper grants your Ghoul 20% attack speed and lasts for 10 seconds.

Four set Harvest Time – When Soul Reaper’s secondary effects trigger, summon an army of the Dead ghost.

Demon Hunter


2 set – Deadly Dance –Increases Blade Dance, Death Sweep damage to 20%

4 pack – Deadly Dance. Every fifth Blade Dance and Death Sweep immediately refunds its cooldown and costs. This empowered Blade Dance or Death Sweep gives you a 15% chance of instantly reimbursing your cooldown and cost.


2 set – Immolation Aura can cause Hunger. A 10% chance of generating a Lesser Soul Infringement.

Four set Rapacious Hunger – Consuming the Lesser Soul Fragment will give you a 100% chance of receiving 2 sec of Immolation Aura or extending an existing Immolation Aura for 2 sec.



2 set – Umbral Embrace – Entering Lunar Eclipse creates a Fury of Elune at 25% effectiveness, which follows your target for 8 seconds.

4 set Umbral infusion – When you are in an Eclipse, your cost for Starsurge or Starfall is decreased by 20%


Two ephemeral being Each combination point spend reduces the cooldown for Incarnation King of the Jungle/ Berserk to 0.5 sec.

4 set: Bleeding Soul You inflict (700% Attack power) severe damage on all enemies when Berserk is over.


2 pack – AArchitect’sDesign – Casting Barkskin causes yours to Berserk 4 sec.

Four set AArchitect’sAligner While Berserked, you radiate (45% Attack power) Cosmic damage and heal yourself for (61% Attack power) every second.


2: Renewing bloom – Swiftmend heals an extra (Spell power * 21/100) for every periodic healing effect on the target.

4 set – Ephemeral Blossom and Swiftmend are four allies that receive 25% of their healing.


Beast Master

2 pack – Killing Frenzy – Your Kill Command critical strike opportunity is increased by 15% for every stack of Frenzy that your pet owns.

4 set – Killing Frenzy. Kill Command critical hits will increase damage and cooldown reduction for your next Cobra Shot by up to 40%


2 pack – Focused Trickery – Trick shots now also increase the damage to the affected photo by 30%

4 pack – Focused Trickery. Spending 80 focus grants you two charges of Trick Shots.


2 set : Mad Bombardier After Kill Command resets it has a 40% chance that your next Wildfire Bomb will incur no cooldown.

4 set: Mad Bombardier – Your Wildfire Bombs deal 30% additional damage. For bombs that are empowered by Mad Bombardier, this bonus is increased to 80 percent.



2 Set: Arcane Lucidity. Increases Arcane damage to enemies affected by Touch of the Magi 18%.

4 set : Arcane Lucidity After you have consumed 8 Clearcastings, your next Touch of the Magi will be instant and lasts 6 seconds.


2 sets: Fiery Rush – Increases Combustion’s duration by 2 seconds

4 set : Fiery Rush Combustion activates for 2% of maximum health per 1 second, causing your Fire Blast or Phoenix Flames to recharge 100% quicker.


2 sets: Frost Storm – While Icy Veins activates, your spells have a 25% chance of calling down a Comet Storm against your target enemy. This effect can only be used once per 30 seconds.

4 set : Frost Storm – Enemies struck by Comet Storm take up to 2% more damage from your Frost Spells, and as high as 10% for 8 seconds.



2 set Targets that are ignited by Breath of Fire cause an additional 4% damage.

4 set –Breath Of Fire gives you the ability to kick your next Tiger Palm or Blackout Kick and increases Shuffle duration by up to 100%.


2 set:Essence Font has a residual healing effect that lasts for an additional 2 seconds.

4 setDrinking Thunder Focus Tea summons the Progenitor Rune for Healing, which increases all healing done within its bounds by 123


2:Increases Fists of Fury Damage by 40%

Set 4: After 10 offensive abilities, your next three offensive abilities deal an additional 22% of damage.



2 set – Dawn Will Come – Casting the Word of Glory causes your next Light of Dawn heal 50% more and can be cast twice. This cannot be repeated more than once every 30 seconds.

4 set : Dawn Will Come Every target that is hit by Light of Dawn has an 80% chance of reducing the remaining cooldown of Avenging Wutt by 2 seconds.


2 set – Glorious Purpose Casting Shield Of The Righteous increases Block chance by 4% every 15 seconds, stacking up 3 times.

4 set – Glorious Purpose Blocking an attacker has a 33% chance of casting Judgment at them.


2 set : Ashes to Ashes You get Seraphim 2 sec after you use Art of War.

Shadowlands Patch 9.2 Eternity’s End: List of All Tier Set Bonuses
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