Combat Mission: Cold War Strategy Guide Hotkeys, Tactics and Commands

Combat Mission: Cold War Strategy Guide Hotkeys, Tactics and Commands

Combat Mission: Cold War Strategy Guide Hotkeys, Tactics and Commands

Combat Mission: Cold War Strategy Guide Hotkeys, Tactics and Commands

Combat Mission is one the most challenging series of simulation wargames out there. The latest Cold War installment, Combat Mission, continues this trend. The game’s complexity, tactical intricacies and engine eccentricities can overwhelm new players who aren’t familiar with it or similar strategy games. Below are some tips and pointers to help you get started with Combat Mission: Cold War.

Learn Hotkeys

Commanders will spend the majority of their time ordering troops to accomplish various objectives. If the player wishes to have each unit perform a specific action, they must program it manually.

The command window allows players to select a unit, then press the desired command. This can be time-consuming and distract from more important tactical decisions.

Potential military leaders should take extra time to master the command hotkeys in order to ease troop control.

For quick access to command, press Space

Hotkeys are easy to learn by using the unit order quick-access menu by pressing the spacebar. When you have selected a unit, press the spacebar to bring up an additional orders menu. This is a good alternative to hotkeys especially when playing in real-time, as it allows for a quick response.

Activate Unit Movement Path

Combat Mission’s central concept is to fight with incomplete information. The battlefield is a mystery to many players. Every way they can find information, both on their own or from enemy troops, helps them see it clearly. Alt+P will display all active orders and moves of units. This is far better than manually selecting each unit.

Move Waypoints: Hold Shift

The Combat Mission series has a more complex command system than other strategy games. However, the original waypoint creation system is a welcomed addition to the game’s order structure. You can hold shift while programming multiple orders in sequence. This allows you to have more control over the unit’s actions and saves the player from having to constantly watch the game. It also gives the player more time to look around other areas of battle.

Reduce Orders

Combat Mission’s combat system is a good example of granularity. Weapons are dangerous and can be very effective in destroying targets. The ability to move, attack, or perform complex maneuvers with precision and flexibility in short orders allows for maximum unit performance.

Keep it Covered

Combat Mission is all about not being seen by your enemy. Friendly troops will be able to stay alive by covering or concealing terrain in order to keep them from being seen. This is true whether you are moving around the map, planning an attack or setting up a defensive line. Terrain can be thick woods, small buildings, or even a tiny hill or embankment.

Utilize Fire ArcsFiring arcs

Ambushes are the most common way to start firefights or engagements. This is when troops accidentally get into the firing range of a weapon system or tank. Also, it is important to not allow troops to give up their positions by firing weapons beyond their range.

Each unit can create firing arcs, or overwatch areas. This indicates where and how often the weapon will fire. This is the best way for multiple units to coordinate their fire on approaching targets.

Combat Mission: Cold War Strategy Guide Hotkeys, Tactics and Commands
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