Pokemon Unite Items Guide – Best Held Items for Every Role

Pokemon Unite Items Guide – Best Held Items for Every Role

Pokemon Unite Items Guide – Best Held Items for Every Role

Pokemon Unite Items Guide – Best Held Items for Every Role

You may be new to Pokémon UNITE and wondering what to do about your hold item slots. There are many options, and you might feel paralysed if you don’t know what to do with your held items. We’ve got you covered!

UNITE is a different role with distinct requirements. While Defenders want defenses and health, Attackers want the stat that allows them to dole out more damage. What items work best for you depends on your role, which is then further narrowed down based on the Pokemon you want to play in that role.

Best Items for Defenders

Defenders want stats that are big and powerful enough to withstand any damage. There are many options, such as Greedent, which is more offensive than Snorlax, but the general consensus is that your top three items will be Buddy Barrier and Focus Band.

Buddy Barrier gives shield support to a unit nearby after a Unite Move. This allows you both to stay in combat longer. Focus Band makes it harder to kill due to the passive health regen. The Energy Amplifier provides cooldown reduction and rewards smart Unite Move use. These three items can be inserted on any Defender to improve your survivability.

Top Items for Attackers

Unfortunately, Attackers can be divided into two types: Special Attackers and Physical Attackers. This is crucial because, depending on which type you choose, your Pokemon will only get bonus damage from the correct stat. Even if you have abilities that are not used in mainline Pokemon games.

  • Attack Stat Users- Cinderace, Greninja
  • Special Attack Stat Users – Alolan Ninetales, Venusaur, Gardevoir, Cramorant, Pikachu, Sylveon

Your top three choices for Cinderace or Greninja are Buddy Barrier and Scope Lens.

The top three items for Special Attackers are Buddy Barrier and Wise Glasses.

The Best Speedsters Items

There are many options for Speedsters depending on their goals. You must have Buddy Barrier, and and, for Speedsters, EXCEPT Gengar and Muscle Band, in order to gank from the Jungle. Gengar wants Wise glasses and Choice Specsinstead. If your goal is to score as many points as possible and not be annoying, you can swap the Buddy Barrier in favor of a Score Shield, Goal Getter, or Goal Getter.

Top Items for All-rounders

Although they are considered the jack-of all trades class, Allrounders don’t do as much damage or absorb damage like Defenders. The goal is to fill in a gap and do some of everything. The three best items for this group include Buddy Barrier and Muscle Band. These will give you some damage and survival.

Top Items for Supporters

The medics from UNITE,Supporters have a simple game plan: to live long enough for their team to be stocked with great healing and buffs. This is a tricky task because you can ignore support damage and some offensive items can be wasted. However, if you don’t get any offense, you will be much more easy solo prey. It is important to strike a balance. The top three items you should get are Buddy Barrier and Focus Band.

You might have noticed one item that stands out from the rest: Buddy Barrier. This item provides flat health and thus flat survivability. You also get shields when using your Unite Move. These are critical for turning the tide in a fight or surviving enemy Unite Moves.

What about Battle Items?

The battle items are much easier once you reach higher competitive ranks. Fluffy Tail and Eject Button are the best options for Junglers of any type. You will need Full Heal or Eject button if you are a Defender. Eject Button is required if you’re literally anything. Even if you have movement abilities, the blink ability is too powerful to ignore for temporary damage boosts. Trainers, best of luck!

Pokemon Unite Items Guide – Best Held Items for Every Role
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