Football Manager 2022: How to Add Real Kits

Football Manager 2022: How to Add Real Kits

Football Manager 2022: How to Add Real Kits

Football Manager 2022: How to Add Real Kits

Football manager 2022 brings you another season of simming success. Sports Interactive does a great job of immersion and realism, but licensing means that there are real kits for all teams around the world. Watford is probably not enough for most players.

You can easily add your own kits to Football Manager 2022 by following a few steps. This trick works if you have done it before in Football Manager. However, if this is your first time, you can do it again for the latest edition.

Where to Find the Best Football Manager 2022 Kit Packs

You will need to first search online for kit packs before you can install real kits. These kits can be downloaded from a few online sources that deliver great results every time.

Kit pack makers have been around for many years and have been providing high-quality kits for as long as they have. Keep in mind that these kit pack makers often add to and modify their kits over time. If you wish to have a complete collection, you will need to download these updates.


How to Install Football Manager 2022 Kit Packs

To use real kits in Football Manager 2022 you don’t need to have any modding skills. All you need is File Explorer and a kit package.

Drag and Drop your kit pack in Documents Sports Interactive Football Manager2022.

Next, open the Football Manager 2022 folder. Create a new folder named graphics. You will need to unzip the kit pack. To do this, right-click the folder and select unzip. Drag and drop the unzipped files into your new graphics folder.

It’s now time to get into Football Manager 2022.

You can either go to the main menu or save and select Preferences > Advanced > Interface> Skin. Next, tick off Use caching to reduce page loading times. When you confirm changes to preferences, tick the box next to it that says reload skin. Hit confirm, or reload your skin at bottom.

The kits will be loaded into your game once everything is in order.

Is your kit pack not working? Before you add the kit pack to your folder, make sure that you have unzipped it. If you don’t have the actual kit, restart your game and clear your preferences.

Football Manager 2022 is now available for PC and Xbox.

Football Manager 2022: How to Add Real Kits
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