Apex Legends: C.A.R. SMG Guide

Apex Legends: C.A.R. SMG Guide

Apex Legends: C.A.R. SMG Guide


Season 7 of Apex Legends presented the Trident, which is a car that you can ride shotgun from while shooting. Season 11 brings you a car that you can drive.

Apex’s latest firearm, the C.A.R. SMG, short for Combat Advanced Round Submachine Gun, is the most versatile weapon in Apex. Although it was first introduced in Titanfall’s original Titanfall, C.A.R. Even for Titanfall veterans, the C.A.R. still feels fresh. Some players feared it would be destroyed like many Titanfall-originated weapons before they made their debut in Apex. This C.A.R. has performed well so far. This version of the C.A.R. has performed far beyond expectations.

The C.A.R. is a great choice for both beginners and professionals. The SMG is the gun that you will find yourself constantly abandoning your favourite weapons for. There’s more to this new SMG than meets your eye. This C.A.R. will help you to be a better SMG user. You’ll soon be able to mowing down your enemies with Apex’s most famous weapon.

C.A.R. SMG Stats

Although the C.A.R. doesn’t do as much damage as the Volt SMG, it does have a slightly higher rate of fire that more than makes up for its reduced damage. Although it doesn’t do as much damage than the Volt SMG the C.A.R.

13 damage will be done to an enemy’s body directly, and 20 for headshot damage. Legs are worth 10 damage. Headshot damage is 20. SMG is easy to use. 8 headshots are enough to take out enemies wearing level 1 helmets. The high firing rate allows players to quickly nail those shots and take out enemy squads in tense hot-drops.

Initial recoil travels upwards, slightly to the right, then drifts back towards the center. At this point you will notice more horizontal recoil. The new SMG can be used in spray-and–pray situations, but it is more effective when fired in short, sustained bursts. If you really want to master the C.A.R., practice with it at the firing range. Pay attention to the spread pattern and recoil.

C.A.R. C.A.R. Effective Range

The C.A.R. is most effective at strong>mid- to close-range, but it can still come to your rescue when you’re in a pinch. While the C.A.R. is best at close-range, you can still use it to save your life when you are in a pinch. After some practice, you will be amazed at how quickly you can hit enemies you might not have considered.

Arenas are where players aim for distant enemies and land successful shots on them. They’d probably never think of hitting with the Volt or R-99 in such a situation. Although the C.A.R. is not a long-range weapon, it can be used to cover fire when necessary. Although the C.A.R. is not a long-range weapon it can be used to strike enemies at close range. This is an important asset for you and your team in Arenas.


C.A.R. SMG Ammo & Magazines

The C.A.R. would be described in one word. SMG can be described in one word: flexible. This weapon is extremely versatile. Although most players are aware that this weapon can use both lightweight ammo and heavy ammunition, not many know how useful it can be in battle.

It’s obvious that it’s more convenient because you have two types of ammunition. If you do run out of bullets it’s less likely that you will run out of ammunition. And if you do, it’s likely that one of your squadmates has either light or heavy ammo.

The benefits of ammo swapping don’t end there. C.A.R. also has another benefit. C.A.R. users also enjoy the fact that the gun can be used with two types of ammunition, and it is compatible with light and heavy magazines regardless of the type of ammo. Two things are possible with this gun:

– A heavy magazine can be used to shoot light ammunition, and vice versa.

Trade is possible if you have a heavy magazine but your teammate has a lighter mag. You can trade your heavy magazine with your team mate and their lighter mag to your C.A.R. You can use SMG even if you are still using heavy ammo. This allows you to support your squadmates while not compromising your performance.


C.A.R. SMG Effective Legends

Loba, a Legend, is the perfect choice to pair up with the C.A.R. She can pull off the magazine swap even if her squadmates don’t have any magazines to trade her. Loba can quickly grab a new magazine from her Black Market and give her squadmates the mag she needs. Loba can also use the black market to equip her squad with C.A.R.s, giving them all the magazines and ammunition they need, so that her team can take down the competition gracefully and easily.

Wattson has been recently buffed into high-level stratospheric orbit. He also pairs well with C.A.R. Season 11’s Legend, Ashley. Wattson’s electric fencing and Ash’s Arc Snare Tether Traps both injure and limit enemies’ movement and give players the opportunity to aim at their prey. Horizon has similar functions.

Bangalore is another great option. The C.A.R. SMG can be used with the 1x Digital Threat scope. Players can drop Bangalore’s tactical smoke bombs, and then hunt down their enemies through thick smoke.

Although the C.A.R. Although the C.A.R. doesn’t have hop-ups at this time, it is still one of the most versatile and effective weapons in Apex Legends. It’s easy to learn, so you don’t have to be afraid of picking up this weapon mid-match. You will be grateful you did, and so will your team.

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Apex Legends: C.A.R. SMG Guide
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