Hitman 3: How to Get Helicopter Key in Dubai
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Hitman 3: How to Get Helicopter Key in Dubai

Hitman 3: How to Get Helicopter Key in Dubai

Similarly, as in past Hitman titles, Hitman 3 uses various ways for players to extricate from a level after finishing a death. While a portion of this extraction focuses is accessible, of course, a few others can be opened by finishing extra side goals and by getting explicit things.

In Hitman 3, perhaps the most valuable extraction focuses that players can open in Dubai is the helicopter. Because of its closeness to the penthouse and the absence of foe watches, players can separate from the guide effectively and productively through this extraction point after finding the way to open it.

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The helicopter key can be found outside of the craftsmanship establishment behind the stage zone and is one level under the helipad area. A simple method to get to this region is to begin the level by going to the nursery when protected to do as such, vault over the railing and move towards the behind the stage region.

Finally, players will arrive at two windows that can be hacked open with Agent 47’s telephone. In the wake of entering the behind the craftsmanship establishment’s stage territory, essentially keep away from the two team individuals and head towards the gallery at the opposite side of the room.

At the point when players arrive at the overhang, they should see different swinging focuses on ropes. On the walkway close to the objectives is the helicopter key, which is tiny and barely noticeable. When the helicopter key is gotten, the “Rotor Ready” challenge – worth 1000 XP – will open.

helicopter key guide area

In the wake of getting the key, head up the adjoining stepping stool to arrive at the helicopter and its pilot. If the player weakens the pilot and puts on his uniform, they will likewise open the “Rotor Man” challenge, which is worth 1000 XP.

From the helipad, players can, without much of a stretch, weaken and accept the mask of any of the penthouse monitors with red berets situated in the region. When camouflaged as a penthouse monitor, players will approach move uninhibitedly across the whole level.

helicopter key area

Players can likewise arrive at the helicopter key area using the “(In)Security” mission story. When the story is finished, the player will show up at the helicopter key area and will likewise have the chance to open the “vertical methodology” challenge for pushing Marcus Stuyvesant over an edge.

When both Carl and Marcus are dispensed with, separate at the helicopter to open the “Up into the clouds” challenge for 1000 XP, with an aggregate of 3000 XP accessible by basically opening and removing from the area, opening the helicopter is a fantastic method to begin gathering XP towards Dubai authority level 20.


Hitman 3: How to Get Helicopter Key in Dubai
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