Destiny 2: Harbinger Feather Locations for Bird of Prey Quest
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Destiny 2: Harbinger Feather Locations for Bird of Prey Quest

Destiny 2: Harbinger Feather Locations for Bird of Prey Quest

Destiny 2: Harbinger Feather Locations for Bird of Prey Quest

After dispatching the Beyond Light development at the last part of 2020, Bungie plans to proceed onward to Season 13 in Destiny 2. Period of the Hunt showed up close by Beyond Light’s frigid mission, taking players to the Tangled Shore to work close by the previous adversary, presently partner Crow. En route, players gained the previous Destiny 1 fascinating hand cannon, Hawkmoon; however, what made this firearm champion was that players would have the option to cultivate the weapon for various advantages.

Finally, the current week’s update at long last carried the Harbinger mission, which is basically a remixed take on the first Destiny 2 Hawkmoon journey. When the mystery entrance is discovered, players basically work in reverse through the mission, battling Taken adversaries and making it back to the shard for a stalemate with the Taken chief, Akorith. Completing the difficult mission drops various Hawkmoon rolls and an extra possibility at its impetus.

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Be that as it may, the most current Destiny 2 colorful mission accompanies its own journey called Bird of Prey, which requests that players run the mission on numerous occasions to gather Feathers of Light within the Harbinger mission. While these can be drops during the mission, including an award for finishing the endurance parcel just as completing the chief, players can likewise discover five of them spread around the level.

crow period of the chase

A plume of Light 1

Before slaughtering the principal messenger within the enormous space, head to the center and hop on top of the metal construction to go to the subsequent floor. Go through the entryway on the subsequent floor in the wake of doing combating the Wizard Emissary to locate a little stay with a fence ensuring some hardware against the divider. Quills can likewise be found here stuck behind this fence. Fortunately, on the divider is a red blazing catch which can be squeezed to open the door.

A plume of Light 2

Soon after players polish off the subsequent messenger, the plumes can be found in their room.

Like the Wizard Emissary, when the Cabal Emissary’s wellbeing is adequately low, they’ll wind up transporting ceaselessly into an obscured room. The Paracausal Feather is situated on a catwalk in the room.

A plume of Light 3

Players can find the third plume before polishing off the last Emissary of Savathun. By and by, bringing down their wellbeing will make them constantly escape to an alternate room inside the dam. While pursuing it down, players will go into an enormous tube-shaped room where they need to hop from highlight arrive at the higher floors. Rather than following the prescribed way in here to the last messenger, players should keep moving to arrive at the most noteworthy catwalk stage where another quill can be gotten.

Quill of Light 4

After the Survival segment, players will head back towards the Traveler Shard for the last experience. In any case, before arriving, players should search for a way inside the Harrowed Rift, where a major metal walkway and shafts loom overhead. Some taken will bring forth close by. However, the actual quill is perched on top of a case under the metal stage.

Quill of Light 5

The last Paracausal Feather in the mission can be discovered right external the last manager room. In the wake of polishing off the Unstoppable Champion and bringing the obstruction down to the shard, players should turn right and follow a short way to an impasse and the last plume.


With each of the 100 quills made sure about, players can open the Radiant Accipiter transport. Players inadvertently unearthed this boat right on time within the European Dead Zone, strolling through the currently open door. During the Hawkmoon story mission, Crow conceded that an old separated boat was situated there, however shockingly, the boat was currently in mint condition.

Things being what they are, it’s additionally the prize players will get from completing this journey. The Traveler Blessed boat is silver and embellished with plumes all finished. The game time entryways the quill assortments, so it’ll require around fourteen days to open this boat utilizing three characters for most players. Notwithstanding, smart players have figured out how to acquire it quicker by erasing the third character to gather plumes without pausing. Lamentably, it additionally implies opening balance again each time, so while players can get to the boat now, it tends to be a smidgen additional tedious than just sitting tight for the following reset.

Destiny 2: Harbinger Feather Locations for Bird of Prey Quest
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