Hitman 3: How to Get a Gold Brick in Dubai

Hitman 3: How to Get a Gold Brick in Dubai

Hitman 3: How to Get a Gold Brick in Dubai

Hitman 3: How to Get a Gold Brick in Dubai

Contract killer 3 players may see that a gold bar apportioning ATM is found straightforwardly in the entryway when beginning Dubai. Notwithstanding, while the machine is effectively available, the gold bars inside are definitely not.

There are two strategies that Hitman 3 players can use to get a gold bar in Dubai, permitting them to endeavor the “liquidating out” challenge. The primary strategy that players can use to acquire a gold block is rethinking the mission with a lock pick in their stock as a device thing.

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When the player produces in the entryway, head straightforwardly left into the lockbox room next to the coat check. Inside the room will be two separate banks of lockboxes that hold different things. Players will locate a gold bar in the bank of lockboxes to one side of the passageway.

If the player doesn’t have a lockpick in their stock, there is an extra strategy to acquire a gold bar that is somewhat more convoluted. For this technique, players should make a beeline for the worker room situated on the third floor close to the security room.

After showing up at the worker room, head down the nearby gallery before arriving at two upkeep staff individuals. Repress the support staff member who isn’t chatting on the telephone, and get the worker room access key.

When the player re-visitations the worker, a swipe card peruser ought to show up from the floor. Connect with the swipe card terminal and afterward continue to disrupt one of the four worker terminals in the room. In the wake of attacking the worker and collaborating with it, the player will be given four choices: re-mastermind gatherings, open lift entryways, handicap cameras, and store crisis reserves.

To get a gold bar, players should choose the “store crisis reserves” alternative. In the wake of choosing the alternative, a video feed will spring upon the player’s screen, demonstrating the gold bar machine breaking down and administering various bars onto the floor.

Head down to the entryway, and the player will have 19 gold bars hanging tight for them. In the wake of adding the gold block to their stock, players would now be able to endeavor the “getting the money for out” challenge, which is granted for appeasing the Sheik with a gold bar.

Tragically, because the Sheik isn’t an objective, he won’t be as simple to situate as Carl or Marcus. When beginning the level, the Sheik can be found giving a discourse to all the visitors in the hall. After he finishes up his discourse, he will head towards the artistry establishment, where he will start a protracted discussion with Marcus. If the player is quick enough to acquire a gold bar, he can be found in this area; if not, the Sheik can be discovered strolling on the pivot between the hall and the penthouse.


Hitman 3: How to Get a Gold Brick in Dubai
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