Pokemon Sword & Shield: Every Pokemon That Evolves With The Sun Stone (& Where To Catch Them)

Pokemon Sword & Shield: Every Pokemon That Evolves With The Sun Stone (& Where To Catch Them)

Pokemon Sword & Shield: Every Pokemon That Evolves With The Sun Stone (& Where To Catch Them)

Pokemon Sword & Shield: Every Pokemon That Evolves With The Sun Stone (& Where To Catch Them)

Introduced in the creation of two of Pokemon, Sun Stones can just evolve five Pokemon from 898. Locating the ideal Pokemon for the rock could be a needle in a haystack without looking up answers on the internet. With every new creation that provides additional Pokemon, it is only going to get tougher as well.

The Sun Stone usually evolves Grass-type Pokemon, As they create for the majority of the Pokemon to utilize the rock from the five. So while others correlate sunlight with fire, it’s much better to consider it in terms of how the sunlight helps crops grow.

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In Pokemon, a Sun Stone is usable concerning generations from production one, two, five, and six. Even though Sun Stones can easily be located at the Sword and Shield Games utilizing the Digging Duo brothers, the pickup capability, and/or receiving them out of crazy Solrock, the Pokemon Sun Stones can be a struggle to search down.

Gloom To Bellossom

From creation one, Gloom is a Grass and Poison-type Pokemon. It’s a small unique since it could branch out to 2 different closing development forms: Vileplume and Bellossom. Vileplume is accomplished via a Leaf Stone and has always been way because of the initial matches. Bellossom was released later in the Johto creation, Together with the Sun Stone itself. So Gloom can evolve into a Bellossom using a Sun Stone.

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Gloom is rather simple to discover in Sword and Shield. They can be found in the over-world in the Giant’s Cap, Giant’s Mirror, and North Lake Miloch. They’re also concealed in the bud at Axew’s Eye as soon as the weather is cloudy. It’s suggested for the highest rotational speed to visit the third region of Giant’s Cap through a thunderstorm. Naturally, players may even start with an Oddish and only let it evolve to Gloom at par 21.

Cottonee To Whimsicott

This part, Grass and party Fairy-type Pokemon was introduced in generation five. It actually has the lowest Attack stat of any Grass-type Pokemon, giving the player all the more reason to evolve it.

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There are not many choices about where to catch Cottonee in Sword and Shield, as there is only one location in all of Galar where they spawn. Luckily, the spawn rate is high at 40 percent. Though it is important to know, the Cottonee has no over-world spawns. They can only be found randomly in the tall grass. The location is the Stony Wilderness, and only when the weather is cloudy. The Cottonee there are between levels 27 and 29.

Sunkern To Sunflora


Sunkern is a pure Grass-type and is a frail Pokemon, so players will want to evolve it with a Sun Stone as soon as possible. It has the lowest base HP and lowest overall base stat total of all Grass-type Pokemon. It is tied with Lotad for the lowest Grass-type Defense stat. For lowest Grass-type Special Defense, it is tied with Bellsprout and Seedot. It does not even end there, as Sunkern is even tied with Blipbug for the lowest base stats of all (that’s right, not just Grass-type) first-stage Pokemon.

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Unlike Cottonee and Gloom, Sunkern is not found anywhere in the Galar region. It is not available in the two DLCs either, so Sword and Shield’s players do not have to worry about this Sun Stone user.

Petilil To Lilligant

Petilil is a lot like Cottonee, as it was introduced in the same generation, is a Grass-type, has one evolution stage, shares the same base stat total, and uses a Sun Stone to evolve. They are also often exclusive to opposing games. For example, Petilil was available in Pokemon White, White 2, Moon, and Ultra Moon, while Cottonee was in Black, Black 2, Sun, and Ultra Sun.

Sword and Shield broke the exclusivity trend between these two Pokemon, though. Petilil can be caught in either game, but only for players who have the Isle of Armor expansion. Within that expansion, Petilil can be found on Honeycalm Island both over-world and in the tall grass. It could take a little bit, as the spawn rate is only up to 16 percent.

1 Helioptile To Heliolisk

Helioptile is an outlier in the Sun Stone family, as it is not Grass-type. Instead, it is Electric and Normal-type (a type combination no other Pokemon has). This makes it the only non-Grass-type to evolve through a Sun Stone. Its design is based on a lizard, and lizards tend to love basking in sunny spots.

Helioptiles can only be found in two locations in Galar. Their highest spawn rate at 40 percent is at the Giant’s Mirror during thunderstorms. With a 29 percent spawn rate, they can also be found at Route 6 during any weather. They can easily be found in the over-world at either location.

Pokemon Sword & Shield: Every Pokemon That Evolves With The Sun Stone (& Where To Catch Them)
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