Hogwarts Legacy: Giving Old Rumors and Theories to the Sorting Hat

Hogwarts Legacy: Giving Old Rumors and Theories to the Sorting Hat

Hogwarts Legacy: Giving Old Rumors and Theories to the Sorting Hat

Hogwarts Legacy: Giving Old Rumors and Theories to the Sorting Hat

There has been lots of speculation circling Avalanche’s forthcoming Wizarding World RPG, Hogwarts Legacy. Supposed leaks are located from as early as 2018, while current rumors have added fuel to the flames of among their genre’s most anticipated upcoming titles.

After years of rumors, affirmed information about Hogwarts Legacy has risked becoming jaded among fictitious theories and elderly, disproven”flows” It is time to provide old Hogwarts Legacy rumors and concepts into the sorting hat to distinguish the truth from the fiction.

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The 2018 Gameplay Leaks

Among the First Hogwarts Legacy escapes Came in 2018, revealing early-stage gameplay of figures in courses, interacting with different magic beasts, and casting spells. This escape was largely confirmed — among those animals seen being petted by a pupil in the escape even appears from the Hogwarts Legacy trailer. This creates some different sides of the leak that have yet to be verified likely.

By way of instance, this ancient leak also revealed what seems to be Hogwarts Legacy’s personality customization. Including some crucial attributes — there is apparently a symbol representing participant home, suggesting that gamers are going to have the ability to pick their Hogwarts home during character development. The fact that a lot of the rest of the 2018 footage demonstrated to align with all the gameplay afterwards be revealed at the trailer affirms this escape’s validity. However, it might be well worth noting that character development details have to be verified and that each the footage from the leak is probably of gameplay at early phases and, consequently, is subject to change before Avalanche itself verifies some vital information.

The gameplay escape Also reveals some charms such as Expulso, Stupefy, and Depulso used, although their addition in the sport will come as no real surprise to Harry Potter lovers . In general, the 2018 gameplay escape seems to be reliable, although it only signifies the match in the phase of development it had been in over a couple of decades back, meaning that a number of the consequences drawn in the gameplay might no longer be dependable.

In 2020 Reddit user u/notexpectedbut leaked Hogwarts Legacy “insider knowledge” while claiming to be a WB marketing employee. Their post claimed that the game would include character customization options, which had the potential to affect the story – this is likely true if players can choose their house during character customization, as the 2018 leaks suggest.

The Reddit user claimed the title of the upcoming game would be Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy, which, while not accurate, is close enough to Hogwarts Legacy to possibly be a discarded working title. What undermines a lot of u/notexpectedbut’s claims are those among them, which are now provably false.

For example, the user claimed that the game would take place long after even Harry Potter’s children had left Hogwarts, but in fact, the game’s announcement trailer revealed Hogwarts Legacy‘s setting to be in the late 1800s instead. The post also claimed that players could not become dark wizards, start as a fifth-year transfer to Hogwarts before graduating and becoming Aurors, and that the game would include romance, companions, and players to choose whether their character is half-blood, pure-blood, or muggle-born.

Unfortunately, there is no way to substantiate any of these claims one way or the other, though the fact that u/notexpectedbut’s post already includes some incorrect information makes it unlikely that all of their other claims will come true. The user’s claim that the RPG would have a darker tone seems to be substantiated by the visuals in the Hogwarts Legacy trailer, but whether or not this more adult approach will include romance or possible character deaths, as the user stated, has yet to be seen. Aside from the rough approximation of the game’s title, there’s little accurate information in the post that couldn’t also be inferred from the 2018 gameplay leaks, making this one of the less reliable Hogwarts Legacy leaks for specific details.

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Other Leaks and Rumors

Hogwarts Legacy: Giving Old Rumors and Theories to the Sorting Hat

The original Hogwarts Legacy leak from 2018 claimed in its accompanying Reddit post that players would be able to pick from 8 different classes when making their character, a claim that the more recent Reddit leaks also put forward. While the 2018 leaks have proved to be generally reliable, it’s possible that the water leaks aren’t corroborating but simply copying the 2018 leaks, so how classes or spells in Hogwarts Legacy will work mechanically is still unknown.

It’s also unknown which characters from this period of the Harry Potter timeline will show up in the game. Older characters like Dumbledore would be attending Hogwarts in the 1890s, but exactly when, in the late 1800s, the new game takes place in or which known characters will appear if any has yet to be confirmed.

Locations like Hogsmeade and the Forbidden Forest were suggested as part of the game’s world in earlier leaks and appear to be confirmed by the gameplay trailer. Whether or not magical creatures like the Hippogriff shown in the trailer will be readily available modes of transportation remains to be seen, as well as whether or not travel beyond Hogwarts’ grounds to places like London will be included.

There’s still very little developer Avalanche has confirmed about Hogwarts Legacy in terms of story details and tone. It remains unclear what year players will start in, and the possibility that the protagonist will be a transfer student leaves that flexible. While RPG mechanics like character customization and skill trees are likely, it’s unclear how much influence the player will have over the story and what aspects of customization will factor into it, as well as whether the game’s tone will allow for darker aspects like the death of player companions.

To further complicate things, a recent delay means that Hogwarts Legacy is now set for a 2022 release. Harry Potter fans should keep an eye on gaming events this year, where it’s likely that Avalanche will come forward and announce more specific details about a game shaping up to be among next year’s most anticipated titles.

Hogwarts Legacy: Giving Old Rumors and Theories to the Sorting Hat
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