Genshin Impact: Geo Hypostasis Location and How to Beat

Genshin Impact: Geo Hypostasis Location and How to Beat

Genshin Impact: Geo Hypostasis Location and How to Beat

Genshin Impact: Geo Hypostasis Location and How to Beat

The Geo Hypostasis differs from other Hypostasis in Genshin Effect and Is more challenging to conquer, but remains essential for farming Artifacts and temperament Ascension materials. Here is where the Geo Hypostasis is situated and how to overcome it.

The Geo Hypostasis is probably the past Hypostasis the very players will handle because it is situated in Liyue. Likewise, it is also harder compared to Electro or even Anemo Hypostases. But since it is the sole Geo boss round, unless players are yanking Topaz from weekly managers like Dvalin, they will have to undertake the Geo Hypostasis to acquire Ascension stuff for almost any Geo characters within their celebration. It is situated in that the Guyun Stone Forest, a bunch of islands off the southern coast of Liyue; however, players will have to prepare certain characters for the struggle before going into.

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Contrary to The Electro Hypostasis, where gamers probably will not bring within an Electro personality since they don’t have many effects, the Geo Hypostasis will need a Geo user to go up against. Either a Geo Vision personality, for example as Ningguang or the Traveler; or some claymore-wielding personality, like Razor, Chongyun, or even Beidou–or Noelle, that utilizes both–are crucial for this battle. Not utilizing the character of a few of those types will lead to a nearly impossible battle.

The claymore or Geo Genshin Effect personality Will have to break the columns shaped by the Geo Hypostasis. However, the ideal method to do so is to receive all down columns to low HP in precisely the same moment. Be certain that you keep a lookout for that column that the Hypostasis is teleporting to since it will unleash significant AoE damage upon birth.

Wait patiently to split the pillar before that the Geo Hypostasis Is hovering over it. Timing this properly will disrupt its strikes and lead to a free attack stage where the participant can unleash any harm (except Geo) with almost any personality, very similar to another hypostasis. Players may also proceed near a column to lure the Hypostasis, but keep a lookout for this AoE attack.

After all of the columns are Ruined, the Hypostasis will unleash strikes much like another block bosses that the participant should dodge but is exposed while cubes don’t cover it. When it is in low health, it will produce more columns thathave to be destroyed immediately. After a time, it will heal based on the number of columns left position, so utilize a Geo or claymore personality again to quickly take them down.

Genshin Impact: Geo Hypostasis Location and How to Beat
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