DJ Khaled asks you to never Give Up, Never Surrender

Like a true Galaxy Quest fan

When you Have had a bad day and you’re feeling down and Lifestyle feels like It’s just too much, recall the social media presence of DJ Khaled is. The Miami-based radio personality and producer behind poetic musings like”All I Would Like To Win” is known for dropping lifestyle information on platforms Twitter and Snapchat with helpful posts on getting ahead and keeping your teeth clean and these. Now he has gone and created another one using a video made to distill the mighty Khaled wisdom into a second and a half Shia LaBeouf-style motivational speech.

The short clip called”Wise Words,” from manufacturing company Music Choice, features Khaled in high-contrast white and black. However, One thing’s for certain: Alan Rickman could sure use some of the wise of Khalad Words about now.

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