Fortnite season X Adds mech suits, a meteor, and ‘volatile rift zones’

DJ Yonder gets unmasked

The 10th season of Fortnite — officially dubbed season X is upon us, and it provides numerous new features according to a time-bending theme.

One of the greatest changes is a two-person, a vehicle Mech suit known as a B.R.U.T.E. where a single player manages movement, and the other shooting. There are also all-new”rift zones” due to a massive explosion which kicked off the season, and it sounds like they’ll regularly change things up — and also bring back elements from past Fortnite seasons. “Locations once regarded as missing are starting to appear, but they aren’t the same as they were,” developer Epic describes.

The most notable change on the island , meanwhile, Is the return of Dusty Depot — the meteor that destroyed it in year 4 is now suspended in the air. You research and may even land on it. The explosion in Loot Lake is in a country, which is very likely to change over the course of the season. Map changes seem smaller, such as the colorful new trees that have sprouted at the skeleton.

A new season means a brand new conflict pass, and this season’s rewards Seem in-keeping with the subject. Among other items, you’ll have the ability to unlock new versions of classic characters, like a more futuristic spin on the DJ Yonder — such as a shocking unmasked variant. There is also a new skin dubbed Ultima Knight, complete with a giant monster glider. Iconic skin Rift, meanwhile, has been turned into a furry friend.

There Also Have been some changes to the challenge Structure, with a new collection of”assignments” accessible, and more set to unlock over time. The assignments now seem designed to get players attempting particular things; namely getting in vehicles and playing with the group rumble mode. It looks like the daily challenges from past seasons are available.

The teases for Fortnite’s 10th year started last weekend in the first-ever Fortnite World Cup, Having a picture that showed what seemed to be the formerly destroyed Dusty Depot, along with the tagline”think back.” Later teaser pictures stored up the time travel-focused theme, with lines like”twist time” and”look forward” Each picture called back into a prior season of the match, and they have been followed by a short preview indicating a huge explosion between time travel.

Prior to those teases, Epic kicked off possibly the toughest in-game occasion in Fortnite to date, with a huge clash between a giant pink robot and a very mad kaiju.

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