Bezos’ Girlfriend Shared His Texts, Photos With Friends Before Enquirer leak

Jeff Bezos’ Girlfriend has privately confessed that she shared several photos and texts from the Amazon creator with different female friends, adding to the puzzle of who leaked salacious material to the National Enquirer, according to a source close to the couple.

In addition, the girlfriend, television character Lauren Sanchez, had the contents of her personal computer downloaded onto her assistant’s computer for safekeeping, according to the source.

What’s? More, researchers for Bezos are aware that Sanchez shared the texts and photos because, together with her cooperation, they could trace the material from the cloud, in which most computer and phone messages and graphics are stored.

It could not be determined whether some of the Material that Sanchez shared with friends was explicit. Nonetheless, it casts the stunt in a new light in some time when Bezos, who owns The Washington Post, is accusing the Enquirer’s parent company of attempting to blackmail him over texts and still-unpublished nude photos.

The firm, American Media Inc., owned by President Trump’s buddy David Pecker, has insisted that it got the Bezos texts and images .

In an interview on ABC’s”This Week,” Pecker’s lawyer, Elkan Abramowitz, while stating there was”absolutely” no blackmail or extortion, described the letter as a guy,”somebody close to both Bezos and Miss Sanchez,” that has supplied information to the Enquirer for seven years. Abramowitz refused to say whether he was speaking about Michael Sanchez, Lauren’s brother, who has drawn scrutiny in the case.

The Daily Beast lent”multiple resources inside AMI” as saying that Michael Sanchez supplied the Bezos texts into the Enquirer.

Asked For comment, Sanchez explained “Multiple potential suspects from the leaks have been investigated. Of those suspects that are possible, I. So any attempt to implicate me this is 100 percent false.”

The Source said Lauren Sanchez shared with a few innocuous Bezos images and texts including a shot of the couple posing out, with her brother. Researchers did not ask to examine Michael Sanchez’s pc or phone.

Gavin de Becker, the prominent security adviser who is overseeing the stunt for Bezos, declined to comment.

De Becker has interviewed Michael Sanchez as a portion of this leak probe, and therefore has dismissed Sanchez’s disparaging remarks about him. Bezos has known as de Becker”one of the smartest and most competent leaders that I know.”

Sanchez himself told his sister and Bezos Once the story Bankrupt that he would have to be investigated because of his proximity to the bunch. He assured them that he is not the leaker.

Michael Sanchez, a Hollywood talent manager, has tried, with success, to play a role. Days before the Enquirer published the story regarding Bezos’ affair, the tabloid sent Sanchez a letter — with 44 bullet points — requesting comment.

Michael Sanchez planned to fly into New York attempt to soften the narrative whilst pointing out factual errors and to find out what evidence the tabloid needed. He made arrangements to sit down with Dylan Howard, a longtime friend who’s the top news of the company. Sanchez kept with the few and the Becker and proposed a conference call with them once he was briefed on the particulars of the Enquirer story.

But Bezos chose to emphasise the story by tweeting about his planned Divorce McKenzie, from his wife. At the point, AMI executives published the piece and refused to meet Sanchez.

However, Michael Sanchez kept trying to broker a cease-fire. He arranged a photo op with Lauren Sanchez because she went into a Santa Monica airport and got on a helicopter, together with AMI’s Us Weekly running the”exclusive” photos under the headline”All Smiles: First Photos Show Jeff Bezos’ Girlfriend Lauren Sanchez Carefree After Scandal.”

But that restricted When Bezos accused of attempting to blackmail him posting a business email suggesting that his naked selfies could be published unless he ceased telling a strike job’s Enquirer AMI cooperation imploded.

The battle turns On questions about Bezos’ strategy. Can it be a journalistic hero, praised by Bob Woodward, carrying a brave stand against dreadful tabloid tactics? Or, as Michael Sanchez has argued, has Bezos inflamed the situation and turned one episode into a federal soap opera that is nonstop?

Michael Sanchez is his relations to Trump, along with a Trump supporter World figures caught up in the Robert Mueller probe also have come under scrutiny in light of their acrimony between the president and Bezos.

Sanchez has met Guilty to charges, and Carter Page once through a business deal. But he’s been connected with if they may have involved hacking, according to electronic correspondence and both men about the escapes.

Actually, Michael Sanchez And Bezos himself, sit down with Page at a safe place aspects of this flow. De Becker seemed interested, but no assembly materialized. Sanchez explained Bezos, his sister, and de Becker understood of every conversation he has had with Stone and Page. The Washington Post reported that Page and Stone have denied any involvement in the Bezos leak.

The bets have been sky-high for all sides. AMI is beneath an immunity deal with federal prosecutors after Pecker acknowledged his participation in obligations Accusers, and some kind of behavior now could have legal consequences.

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