‘Fortnite’ Desert mystery: Bizarre Giant Video Game Burger ‘leaks’ into the real world

The”Fortnite” phenomenon has just got even weirder. A giant real-life variant of this”Durr Burger” sign featured in the wildly popular video game has been discovered in the Mojave desert.

The huge signal from a restaurant at the game, complete with protruding eyes and tongue, was seen in Llano, California, Mashable accounts .

“What…. Is this… I am in the middle of the desert why is that ???” Tweeted photographer Sela Shiloni Friday.

The photographer, who stated that he was scouting locations for an upcoming photo shoot posted video of those burger that was strange. What appeared to be a 70s-style police car along with a sign that reads”This website is unstable. Beware of possible effects,” were nearby.

Fortnite Intel reports the in-game version of this Durr Burger signal was removed when a’portal’ recently appeared in the video game. PC Gamer notes the signal, or mascot, went missing from”Fortnite” following a rocket launch from the game”went wrong and cracked the sky.” The”rift” caused the sign to evaporate from the match.

“Bye Durr, you were a good soldier,” tweeted Leon Hurley, senior channel editor at GamesRadar.

Not surprisingly, the sign’s subsequent appearance in the real world Is sparking chatter that the desert burger that is odd is some sort of marketing stunt.


There Has, by way of instance, been speculation that Epic Games, the developer of this hit game, could present a desert map to the imminent Season 5 of”Fortnite” according to Fortnite Intel. Season 5 of”Fortnite Battle Royale” starts on July 12.

Fox News has achieved to Epic Games for comment.

Other visitors to the odd site in the desert were given business cards with an unidentified man, IGN accounts . “Agent #3678,” was written on the cards together with a number, which when dialed, plays a variant of this sound effect used in the match if a”Fortnite” object is sucked into space, according to IGN.


Epic Games’ complimentary”Fortnite Battle Royale” spin-off has been a huge success with players. This past year, the multiplayer shooter game, which lets players browse a huge landscape, has racked up a huge following since its launch.

Citing comments Internet services giant Tencent (which owns a stake in Epic Games), Marketwatch recently reported who”Fortnite” has over 40 million monthly active users.

A Global cultural phenomenon,”Fortnite” has been breaking records left, right and centre. “Fortnite” became the most viewed game on YouTube earlier this season, surpassing”Minecraft,””PUBG” and”Clash Royale,” based on data released in March by influencer marketing platform Matchmade.


Underlining Its popularity,”Fortnite” set a fresh YouTube record for a live gaming stream earlier this year. The sport set a record for videos associated with some video game uploaded to YouTube.

“Fortnite Battle Royale” allows up to 100 players to compete against each other or kind Squads at a battle game that is fast-moving. “The last one standing wins,” Clarifies Epic Games, on its own site .

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