This Nintendo Switch SNES Controller Gives Us Hope For More Classic Games

Sneak peek at the wireless SNES controller

Good news, retro Players: the Nintendo Switch Seems to be getting a wireless SNES controller accessory, which might mean SNES games must be on their way to strike console.

An eagle-eyed poster on discussion website Resetera — found documentation for the SNES control in an FCC filing, using a”HAC” model number that fits with the listing information used for your console and also Switch accessories.

The majority of pictures in the filing have been inaccessible until 2020 — a launch date — though you can view an image of the back of the controller.

Given you can buy NES controllers for the Shift, with all NES games available to play through Nintendo Switch Online — it seems pretty sure that Nintendo is just biding its time before it begins flooding the console to play too.

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A Ideal ol’ SNES

What’s all this fuss about the SNES?

The Iconic Nintendo console the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, to be exact — started from the early 90s, as a successor to the NES. Updating the 8-bit hardware of the NES, the console that is new may cram in information for gaming experiences that are vivid and challenging.

It Might pale in comparison to the typical open-world game today, but hey — there are some real classics with this console, such as Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Star Fox, and Super Metroid.

Nintendo has released lots of mini consoles — the NES Classic Edition and SNES Classic Mini — for playing retro NES and SNES games on dedicated hardware, which sold out startlingly quickly.

Subscribers To the Nintendo Switch Online service can also play with a number of NES titles via emulation on the Nintendo Switch, and lovers are eagerly Anticipating the coming of SNES games — if not GameCube and N64 titles too. We hoped to see this happen before early 2020, but it’s very good to know when to expect it.

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