Teamgroup 1TB SSD is now the cheapest on the Earth

Handily beats the previous champion

Head over to Newegg (rather than Amazon) in order to buy the least expensive 1TB solid state drive on earth. The Team Group L5 3D Lite prices only $76.99, a 21% fall from its non-sale cost of $96.99. It includes free shipping in the united states and you won’t have the ability to buy it elsewhere at this cost.

This is a Normal SATA 2.5-inch SSD with 3D NAND chips and, most likely, a version of this Silicon Motion SM2258; it supports Windows TRIM optimization command and SMART technology.

Unlike some of its rivals, it does actually pack 1TB instead of 960GB of storage. In 7mm high, it will fit a number of the larger laptops on the market and while it could be a DRAM-less model, it does pack a potent punch.

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Team Group claims that it will reach 500MBps/480MBps in read/write successive performance, falling to 320/280MBps on 4K random read/write. A nice surprise is that the drive comes with a 3 year warranty plus a MTBF (mean time before failure) of one million hours.

$76.99 is a complete $17 cheaper than what the Pioneer APS-SL3 Sold on Amazon last May. The price of the latter has dropped down to $88.99, going down to $79.50 when you purchase it in packs of 10. Internal Hard disk drives continue to be far more affordable but the difference is rapidly Diminishing; 5400RPM HDD of comparable size price about $40 while quicker 7200RPM models retail for $50 or more.

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