Twitter Is Testing A Way To Let You Follow Topics

Twitter is testing a way to let you follow topics

Twitter wants to make after a Subject as easy as after an account.

On Tuesday, the business said it is trying out a way for consumers to follow sports topics such as the New England Patriots, cricket or wrestling. It is testing this attribute for Android users and will curate topics users could be interested in following.

Twitter May also let you”mute” topics so you don’t observe these tweets all of the time, and it’s exploring a way for you to make another timeline that includes certain accounts and subjects that you follow.

Twitter Plans to publish the ability to follow topics globally by the end of the year. Since the social media attempts to attract and retain new users, Twitter has been attempting to take more risks together with product changes. Earlier this season, Twitter released a prototype program so users can test new features such as adding color to replies, with the objective of making it easier to follow conversations.

“Our desire is to be a little bit More ambitious regarding the degree of change we introduce into the product,” Twitter product lead Kayvon Beykpour said during a press event in the company’s San Francisco headquarters.

The Business is Exploring other features like a search tool for your direct messages along with the ability to reorder photos after you connected them into a tweet.

As For an edit button, don’t expect it any time soon. Beykpour stated he believes that there’s a means for the company to let users correct typos. The threat, however, is a few folks could use the feature to change a contentious announcement that they tweeted on the website.

“It is a characteristic I Believe that we should construct at a certain stage,” Beykpour said. “It’s not Anywhere near the top of our priority list.”

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