Google Forced to Remove ‘Stalker’ Apps From Google Play Store


Google recently eliminated several apps from the Google Play Store after finding they breached the Play Store terms of support –and, what’s more, might be used as stalkerware. That does not mean they are deleted from your own Android apparatus, though, so now is a great time to remove them.

If you’re unfamiliar with the phrase,”stalkerware” entails giving a third party access to another user’s device, location info, and other sensitive info. These apps often present themselves as”normal” tracking tools–for worker activity on company phones or your kids’ whereabouts (a moral gray area to start with), but they could also be used to spy on romantic partners, friends, or roommates.

Only policy compliant programs exclusively designed and advertised for parental (including family) tracking or business direction may disperse on the Shop with tracking and reporting features, provided they fully comply with all the requirements explained below.”

As part of these requirements, monitoring apps must clearly show that they’re active and cannot fool users about their objective. In other words, apps that try to hide to a user’s device and send their location information to somebody else are a no-go. Security company Avast was accountable for highlighting these seven stalkerware programs to Google, which you should remove from the own Android apparatus if you visit them:

Employee Work Spy
Mobile Tracking
Phone Mobile Tracker
SMS Tracker
Spy Kids Tracker
Spy Tracker
Track Employees Assess Function Phone Online Spy Free

If you don’t see them, but suspect your moves are being tracked in some manner, look at doing a factory reset on your device. You are going to need to reinstall your programs –and you’ll want to back up critical data like your photographs and videos until you kick off the reset–but it’s the best and easiest means to make sure that concealed apps aren’t monitoring your whereabouts. As soon as you have your new device setup, make sure that you’re using a stronger unlocking process so a person can’t get back in and reinstall any monitoring tools.

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