XDefiant Update: Team Deathmatch Mode Launching Soon

XDefiant’s executive producer has given fans an exciting update about the upcoming addition of Team Deathmatch, which is set to be released in a few weeks. Ubisoft’s free-to-play shooter XDefiant has garnered a strong player base despite some development delays. The fast-paced, classic arena-style multiplayer game has filled a niche that modern shooters like Call of Duty have largely left behind. Moreover, XDefiant continues to grow and evolve with regular updates and new content.

Following its successful launch, Ubisoft is not resting on its laurels. During the preseason period, players can unlock various items, including the DedSec faction. Ubisoft unveiled XDefiant’s first season of content at its annual summer showcase, starting on July 2. Season 1 will introduce the GSK faction from Rainbow Six Siege, three new maps, new weapons, Capture the Flag mode, and more. Additionally, Ubisoft plans to add more content beyond the official roadmap, including a highly requested game mode.

XDefiant executive producer Mark Rubin recently shared an update on social media, confirming that the team has been listening to fan feedback, particularly regarding the inclusion of a straightforward Team Deathmatch mode. Although data miners had previously found files related to TDM, this is one of the first official confirmations, which should please fans seeking a simpler gameplay experience.

When asked about other popular game modes, Rubin mentioned that Team Deathmatch is the first to launch as it is the most complete. Fan requests for a search-and-destroy-style mode called Bomb! have also been acknowledged. Although Bomb! is more complex to develop, the team is working to release it as soon as possible, moving it up from its initially planned later Season 1 launch.

Fans should mark their calendars for July 1, as XDefiant will host a dedicated event to showcase upcoming content. While a preview of Season 1 has already been shared, the event, titled XDebrief, will provide in-depth details, including a closer look at the GSK faction, their abilities, and their impact on the current meta. Additional Season 1 battle pass information will be revealed, and Rubin hinted that there might be more news about the Bomb! mode as well.

XDefiant Update: Team Deathmatch Mode Launching Soon
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