Food Truck Simulator iOS/APK Full Version Free Download
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Food Truck Simulator iOS/APK Full Version Free Download

Food Truck Simulator iOS/APK Full Version Free Download

Food Truck Simulator iOS/APK Full Version Free Download

Food Truck Simulator Game Overview

Your dad owned a restaurant truck. Although the truck has gotten older, it’s become an integral part of the legacy your family has left. In the instant of a glance, the father of your child has passed away. The food truck now is yours. Do you follow like your father and uphold his legacy? There is only one method to determine that.


It’s impossible to take the “truck food truck’ from the’. Before you set up your booths, you need to get yourself out of your garage and to where you’re planning to sell during the day. Take note of traffic as well as congestion! If you’re running in a hurry, do what your father used to do and go away from the path of least resistance. First come first serve!


Perhaps you thought all that’s involved in this industry is fast food and fast food, but once you’re standing on the other side of the counter, you need to reconsider your thinking. Just a slice of cheese can transform an ordinary burger into a cheeseburger-themed special. The question is, which one is it, you ask? Or mustard?


People can be impatient and a bit needy. There’s a good chance that you don’t have much time to provide them with what they need and also satisfy their tastes. This will be an uphill task to overcome, but one that you’ve seen your dad overcome, and surely you too can overcome it. Training makes perfect, so get them off their feet by serving the best food you can find!


Your fame grows and so does your collection of tools and tricks. Keep up-to-date with your status and follow in the footsteps of your father. You must ensure that you are outfitted with the most modern, high-end technology that you (and your budget) can pull off. Enjoy the fame of being famous.


The vehicle belongs to you and when the hands that control it shift the same should the appearance of it. Change everything from the color of the outside as well as the interior layout of the lighting, the bumpers, and the wheels. Make sure the city knows you’re not lower than the man your father was. Take to the streets with confidence as though you have these vehicles.


Every day brings a new challenge, and everyone will require a sufficient supply of food. The ingredients aren’t always available and can decay and become rotten as minutes pass by. Make sure you stock up on not only the best quality but also the most sought-after produce that your customers could want of your company.


The vehicle is filthy and in a state of decay. Honor the memory of Dad by polishing it one more time. There’s been sometime when the car hasn’t seen anything of activity. Take a bucket, and a sponge, and grab a broom to begin cleaning. The task is to complete and be a long time before you can make your truck spotless however, you’ve got to do your part. Start now!

Key Features

• Renovating and expanding the food truck. There are a variety of custom choices.
The vast array of options for equipment to select from.
• Create your recipes.
* Driving using the traffic system.
* Detailed cooking method.
Different locations throughout the whole city cater to different types of clients.
* Various events.
* Managing
* A city living with an active evening and day cycle.


Food Truck Simulator iOS/APK Full Version Free Download



Food Truck Simulator iOS/APK Full Version Free Download
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