FFXIV's PvP Community is Planning a Global

FFXIV’s PvP Community is Planning a Global Queue Sync for the Cloud Data Center Test

FFXIV's PvP Community is Planning a Global

FFXIV’s PvP Community is Planning a Global Queue Sync for the Cloud Data Center Test

Final Fantasy XIV’s Cloud Data Center Stress Test is just beginning in the last few days, and one of the FFXIV’s small communities won’t be able to let this opportunity be wasted. The game’s player-versus-player community within the FFXIV gameis very small, yet dedicated and given this rare opportunity to play against players from around the globe, they’ve opted for the violence.

In accordance with according to the FFXIVPvP Revival Discord that was created by the EU Frontlines community, the FFXIV’s PvP players are trying to establish a global PvP queue that syncs on servers like the Cloud Data Center test servers. It’s an “once in a decade” chance (it’s rare that cross-region play is so easy and affordable for MMOs other than beta testing) PvP players from across the EU, JP, OCE as well as NA servers will be able to queue to participate in Frontlines, FFXIV’s PvP mode with 72 players. Additionally, they will take part in Rival Rings a few minutes following.

According to the webpage for the event the sync of queues is scheduled to take place on November. 25 at 5:30am PST from 8:30am PST for Frontlines as well as from noon PST through 8 pm PST in the case of Rival Wings. Participants must create their own avatar in the NA Cloud DC (Beta) data center located on the “CloudTest02” home world.

Also, on Saturday CloudTest02’s Wolves’ Den Pier to play in game. To ensure that things are organized participants will set their Duty Finder language as French exclusively to be used only for the Frontlines. In this way, they’ll get synced up with other players of the competition. To play Rival Wings, participants simply have to wait for the CloudTest02 server, and then go to the Wolves’ Den to see the shouts.

Prior to each game, organizers broadcast the Eorzea Time (ET), warning players of the time to line to line up. This event is free to all and is open to solo players as well as events.

There have been some great ideas on how to prepare for the Cloud Data Center Stress Test It’s just being realized how exclusive and rare the chance offers. It’s the opportunity to engage alongside the FFXIVplayers across the globe in a way that is more than the usual. Although PvP is a possibility however, it’s amazing to watch glamour contests entertainment, RP-related events, raids and all the rest of it, played in conjunction with the world community. I hope this event will be an example of all the amazing outcomes that come from the test of stress.

FFXIV’s PvP Community is Planning a Global Queue Sync for the Cloud Data Center Test
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