Mass Effect dog collar revealed
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Mass Effect dog collar revealed which triggered a flood of NSFW responses

Mass Effect dog collar revealed

Mass Effect dog collar revealed which triggered a flood of NSFW responses

Do you have any plans to purchase your pet an accessory pack that was inspired by the Mass Effect? Sure, you wouldn’t?

Mass Effect is one of the most adored video game franchises and is certainly one of the most Sci-fi RPGs. The story of Mass Effect, we make our personal commander Shepard and it’s on us to defend the universe from the perilous old race, known as the Reapers. As we progress the crew is formed and make choices that eventually decide our storyline, either whether for good or bad.

If you’re a huge lover of BioWare’s Mass Effect series, you may want to kit your dog to a few N7 accessories. If this sounds like you have a chance, you’re in luck. Actually, I’m saying “luck” because the items mentioned in this post have been discontinued. BOOOO!

This Mass Effect N7 doggy bag comes with a collar for dogs as well as a leash, and even the bandana. I mean seriously it’s like my Pippin dog was begging for these, but the item is now out of reach. You people who buy everything in stock! you! You can see, the accessory set went very well in members of the Mass Effect community on Twitter. However, the issue with this set is … many aren’t interested in to give it to their pets. We’ll see, there we take a look.

“When Good Boys Become Legendary,” is the first item in the BioWare Gear Store listing. “The Mass Effect Deluxe N7 Dog Collar Leash Bandana Set is a must-have for any intrepid Spectre with a loyal K-9 sidekick ready to explore the vastness of the Milky Way.”

“Don’t miss this chance to dress your pup in true Mass Effect style because they deserve to feel like a true galactic badass, even if they’re just chasing their own tail,” the book concluding.

“Ah yes! The dog collar. For the dog. The collar for the dog. The dog collar, yes,” responded one person to this BioWare Gear Store Twitter. “Does this come in a men’s 20 regular neck?” One person asked. Another tweet stated, “I fear that the majority of these won’t touch any canine necks.” A user said, “Oh yes … my dog. That’s what I originally though.” You horny lot.

If you’re looking to test your luck, and then hope to buy the Mass Effect set – for whatever reason, pup or otherwise – to purchase it at a later time There is an option from the web listing of be informed when it comes to the market. Best of luck!

Mass Effect dog collar revealed which triggered a flood of NSFW responses
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